FFCSR_Doug Mar 13 '75

As you probably all have noticed Fleaflicker looks a little different today. Fleaflicker will now offer fantasy baseball in addition to football.  
You can start playing immediately but this is still a beta product and we need your feedback to improve it and iron out all the bugs. 
About the game: 
The baseball game has a very similar feel Fleaflicker's football game. Our goal is to provide a game that can be easy and fun for casual players but also customizable enough to meet the demands of even the most devout Bill James followers. 
The game currently supports: 
- Head to head points based leagues, similar to football (no rotisserie or total points yet) 
- Daily or weekly locking lineups 
- Highly customizable hitting, pitching and fielding scoring rules 
All of your past footbal teams and leagues will remain totally intact.  
In addition, here are upgrades for baseball that will also apply to football: 
- Ability to set future lineups 
- Roster max increased to 40 players (+ IR spots) 
- News provided by Rotowire 
- Positive values only scoring option (you can prevent players from scoring negative points in any given game) 
- Option to lock all lineup slots when the first game of the week starts 
- Trading delay removed (you no longer have to wait until Tuesday to trade players that had games earlier in the week) 
- Increased ability to sort on free agent player pages and filter on stats pages 
- Forum dedicated to recruiting new owners 
- Forum dedicated to user submitted news and analysis 
Please send us your questions, suggestions and issues via email or on this forum thread.  
Doug & Ori


deen Nov 19 '76

Still no word?

I know im probably sounding impatient but i'd like to know if me preparing for a 2011 baseball season on fleaflicker is a waste of time or not..

Volt Dec 05 '76

There are other sites that are preparing for this site to close. The silence is leading me to believe that either this site is toast or they planning on actually dump some money into this place and getting it up to par.

sigeptoast Dec 05 '76

Prepping how and which sites might they be?

Volt Dec 05 '76

Setting up ways to import entire leagues, have one pay league for free and stuff like that. I can't remember which ones, I just happened to read about it somewhere.

scotto1959 Nov 18 '76

Just heard today that AOL is in deep chit!!!! Go Figure that one out.lol. We all tried to tell Ori, but don't listen to the tard gang.

Sidney1965 Nov 18 '76

I hope Ori got rich on the sale lol...

Where else can you go play in as many custom leagues as you want?

Sidney1965 Nov 18 '76

I think AOL should just give Flea back to Ori...

scotto1959 Nov 18 '76

As long as Hal and Fleamod stay away that would be great.lol

scotto1959 Nov 18 '76

still think it's Rick.

Volt Nov 25 '76

What about this year's HOF inductee??? Who is it going to be????????

scotto1959 Nov 25 '76

I play with some pretty good guys, but my vote would be for morticians. Allen is a great player and a great guy who has overcome some adversity.

scotto1959 Nov 25 '76

Or Me. lol

[Deleted User] Dec 14 '76


scotto1959 Dec 14 '76

nice to see you back around!!!

[Deleted User] Dec 14 '76

yep, but maybe too late

keilowkei Nov 17 '76

I wonder,Is there anything the people who use this site can do to persuade AOL or Sporting news to not mess with or get rid of Flea flicker??Like sign a petition or every one send sporting news e-mails..Something anything???

overachiever77 Nov 17 '76

Is there anything official that says says ff may go away with TSN takeover? I read the article, maybe I missed it, but it didn't mention fantasy sports?

keilowkei Dec 05 '76

They have not mentioned anything in a while...Is no news good news????IDK

overachiever77 Dec 05 '76

An update sure would be nice. I hope they don't wait until the summer to tell everyone what's going on. That can really put dynasty/keeper leagues behind.

keilowkei Dec 05 '76

Agreed..Being in the dark sucks...The keeper/Dynasty leagues r going to have to keep there stats line-ups etc. saved up to date in case they have to be moved to another site..At least until they give some input on this situation..

RickG323 Nov 06 '76

Doug & Ori,

I would like to express my gratitude for your site, I have enjoyed flea flicker for many years and I would be sad to see it go. I have been playing fantasy football for many years but Flea Flicker was the first site I used for on-line play. Me and a close group of friends started on this site three years ago and we have enjoyed it ever since. There was many conversations to leave to espn, cbs, etc but it was voted to stay with FF and that is what we plan on doing next year and the year after. Now I play hockey, basketball, baseball, and celebrity fantasy on FF. I hope you guys can somehow keep this site going but if its out of your control then I'll understand but Flea Flicker will be sorely missed.

J-J Nov 06 '76

i owe flea & its founders a debt of gratitude for creating this site as it's given me a lot of joy these past 2 years but in the end this what it comes down to...

we are the game, not the site. we take the game with us wherever we go.

we will outlast fleaflicker -- or atleast outgrow it.

Sidney1965 Nov 05 '76

Oh great, first Fanball shuts down and now maybe FleaFlicker. AOL sucks and always has. Everything they touch turns to crap. Maybe it's time for Google Fantasy Sports. I'd love to see Google take FleaFlicker and run with it. Everything they touch turns to gold.... :)

deen Nov 05 '76

Fanball was connected to AOL to? Damn, this doesnt sound good..

Just doing a quick search on sporting news, they dont even offer fantasy sports...To me it just looked like a site with fantasy advice and weekly contest pay leagues if you even wanna call it leagues..

InSpades Nov 06 '76

That's why I figured that it would help Fleaflicker. Sporting News can now use this site as a step into fantasy and expand its sports footprint. I'm hoping they'll infuse new life into the site to make them competitive with Yahoo, ESPN, et al.

Keeping the fingers crossed!

deen Oct 30 '76

So Ori or whoever is the programmer on the site, lets just lay it on the line and be done with it, just a simple yes or no are transaction limits going to be an option this year?

If yes, can you give us some sort of timetable so we who want limits can set our draft dates accordingly to the timetable..That way we can avoid the 1-2 owners in every league that think any setting change after the draft is wrong..

If no, can you please tell us so we can inform our owners that limits wont be happening and if they want to leave the leagues to go ahead and do it so the commishs can start their replacement hunt.

If the answer is no you wont hear a word out of me I wont bitch, at this point I just want to know either way so I can get some things rolling..For as crazy as it sounds baseball really isnt that far away, some people will be drafting soon if they havent already..

fleafounder Admin Nov 01 '76

Not sure if you saw but AOL sports is in transition right now.

We're still trying to figure out how this affects Fleaflicker's staffing, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

Volt Nov 02 '76

So now there could be even less people working on this site. Oh my!

deen Nov 02 '76

Or more working on this site but who knows, from what I get out the article it sounds like this has more to do with writers and reporters and not much if anything about fantasy sports unless Ori is saying when Sporting News takes over theres a chance there wont be a fleaflicker any more.

DARKSEID Nov 05 '76

So whats the deal Ori? Will they be taking over the fantasy side as well?

fleafounder Admin Nov 05 '76

I'll know more within a week or two.

deen Nov 05 '76

Hope its sooner rather then later, no point in drafting baseball leagues and being an active owner in hoops and hockey if there isnt going to be a fleaflicker.

Volt Nov 13 '76

So it is over a week, but less than two. Any news at all?

deen Nov 14 '76

After reading the article again the transition to sporting news isnt suppose to happen until sometime in March, so Ori knowing something within 1-2 weeks was probably more like 1-2 months.

Still not sure how this affects the fantasy side of things though and why a few minor upgrades cant be implemented, unless writers like Kevin Blackistone are programmers on this site..

rangerdave Nov 15 '76

I read through other articles about the TSN move. Rumour is that more cuts are planned at AOL. This could mean services as well as staff. Either way, I'm preparing for the worst by making sure I backup rosters and draft info for my keeper leagues in case I have to move them to another site. I hope all of this is unnecessary as I love Flea.

deen Nov 15 '76

Yeah, thats the worst part about this is just not knowing whats going on.

I really dont want to be wasting my time setting basketball lineups, drafting baseball teams and then being a commish I really dont want to be wasting my time sending e-mails to find out if somebody is coming back and then having to find replacements if flea is going to eventually shut down..

I could be using this time transfering leagues to espn..But at the same time I dont want to prepare for a move if everything is going to be ok and flea stays alive.

Damned if you do, damned if you dont.

fleafounder Admin Nov 15 '76

I'm working on it, I honestly don't know right now.

I'd love to keep the site going, I'm exploring all options. But if Aol does shut it down I will definitely add a feature that allows you to download all your data in spreadsheet form (even historical data).

DARKSEID Nov 15 '76

Thank you for your honesty Ori. We are all hoping for the best.

rangerdave Nov 16 '76

We are all on your side, Ori. You, Doug, and Hal have alll been great to me and to others.

scotto1959 Nov 17 '76

I still don't like Hal.lol. Move this thing back to your mom's basement and drop all the tard sports. Been here a long time and feel i have some intrest in it's developement, as do all the other guys that have been here forever. Make it optional for pay leagues if you must, all of us can afford a few bucks for playing.

rangerdave Nov 18 '76

That might not be an available option for him depending upon the terms of his sale to AOL.

Volt Oct 08 '76

Any news guys???

DARKSEID Oct 10 '76

Not this year.

Volt Oct 13 '76

So how about this year???

deen Oct 13 '76

I e-mailed Ori over a week ago because I thought they said we'd get a quicker answer if we e-mailed them but apparently not because I didnt get anything back.

So asking in the forums and asking in e-mails dont work, so now what?

Volt Oct 13 '76

Time to move to another site...

deen Oct 15 '76

I'll admit I have been thinking about moving my baseball and basketball leagues to espn or even yahoo now that yahoo supports free keeper leagues...Espn and yahoos site speeds arent as fast as fleas but at least they now what they're doing when it comes to baseball and hoops, even if flea knows what they're doing they have shown us they dont care to make it better.

Man, all we're asking for for the most part is better draft ranks and transaction limits, this shouldnt be comparable to pulling teeth.

Davy_CrockettTX Oct 15 '76

This sucks. I want to keep everything on one site. Maybe next year lol!

deen Oct 16 '76

I just wish they'd tell us 1 way or another..If they dont care and wont make these necessary improvements then fine tell the owners like us who do care about things like this so we can inform our leagues and start cleaning up the mess from the owners that will drop leagues because of this.

I know I have owners that are waiting on flea to see what they're going to do, if they give us transaction limits they'll stay and play, if they dont give us limits they want out.

So come on flea make a flippen decision.