FFCSR_Doug Mar 13 '75

As you probably all have noticed Fleaflicker looks a little different today. Fleaflicker will now offer fantasy baseball in addition to football.  
You can start playing immediately but this is still a beta product and we need your feedback to improve it and iron out all the bugs. 
About the game: 
The baseball game has a very similar feel Fleaflicker's football game. Our goal is to provide a game that can be easy and fun for casual players but also customizable enough to meet the demands of even the most devout Bill James followers. 
The game currently supports: 
- Head to head points based leagues, similar to football (no rotisserie or total points yet) 
- Daily or weekly locking lineups 
- Highly customizable hitting, pitching and fielding scoring rules 
All of your past footbal teams and leagues will remain totally intact.  
In addition, here are upgrades for baseball that will also apply to football: 
- Ability to set future lineups 
- Roster max increased to 40 players (+ IR spots) 
- News provided by Rotowire 
- Positive values only scoring option (you can prevent players from scoring negative points in any given game) 
- Option to lock all lineup slots when the first game of the week starts 
- Trading delay removed (you no longer have to wait until Tuesday to trade players that had games earlier in the week) 
- Increased ability to sort on free agent player pages and filter on stats pages 
- Forum dedicated to recruiting new owners 
- Forum dedicated to user submitted news and analysis 
Please send us your questions, suggestions and issues via email or on this forum thread.  
Doug & Ori


scotto1959 Mar 14 '75


scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

Fleagods you have a problem. Fix it!!!

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

I know your there Doug, fix the football thingy!!!!

ndog78 Mar 14 '75

Curious, what bugs exist in the football that everyone is so upset about?

FleaFlicker is already better than Yahoo and most of the commerical sites and is still free!

I just see a lot of posts about "fix the football problems", I'm just curious about what those are?

InSpades Mar 14 '75

I think what you are seeing are mostly old AOL users who were transferred to Fleaflicker when AOL acquired the site. AOL was also free and it had even more features than Fleaflicker like double-headers, more commish control during the live drafts, logos, etc. So, you're probably seeing some frustration in that regard.

Granted there are not a lot of missing features from the old AOL League Manager but the ones that are missing are significant enough to game-play that it can leave managers frustrated.

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

I think having only WR's being able to score points is more than that!!!

ndog78 Mar 14 '75

Considering the football season doesn't start for another 3 months, I don't think it's time to panic yet. :)

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

would you join a league with only WR'S scoring points???? Maybe you would!!!!

InSpades Mar 14 '75

Since when do only WRs score points? I didn't have a problem with point scoring last season and so far none of my players have scored points in the summer, including the WRs? Do you have some CFL players on your roster or something?

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

Since your a tard, just forget it!!

FFCSR_Doug Mar 14 '75

Scotto is right, there is an issue with scoring rules and we are working on it at the moment. Doesn't pertain to all leagues.

DARKSEID Mar 14 '75

Look's like you are right Scotto, he is a tard.LOL

ndog78 Mar 14 '75

I'm pretty sure that the scoring will be fixed fairly quickly.

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

Would you clowns like to start some shit!!! I have plenty of time!!

ndog78 Mar 14 '75

You talking to me? Who exactly do you think is trying to start anything with you?

luke1982 Mar 15 '75

Bing it on, Snotto!!!

Sidney1965 Mar 14 '75

While I do like the upgrades to date and I do think there is much more to come. I hope FleaFlicker isn't doomed to be a Jack of all trades, master of none fantasy site. I would rather have a site that is outstanding in one sport than just competent with many.

fleafounder Admin Mar 15 '75

The baseball and football games are built using the same software--there is no baseball version I'd football version, just one fantasy platform.

Every new feature I add to baseball instantly works for football and vice versa. For example, future lineups were always on my football todo list but for daily baseball leagues they're an absolute necessity. So now the football game has future lineups and I wrote zero new code to make it happen.

There are more cool features to come.

PigskinPlague Mar 14 '75

It seems like a good business decision to bring on fantasy baseball. Too bad it seems to have come at the expense of more meaningful improvements in the football product (unless more improvements are coming shortly??). I hope fantasy baseball doesn't continue to consume development resources at the expense of the core fantasy football product.

But, thanks for the minor improvements to the football product!

ndog78 Mar 14 '75

Nice addition.

JEG Mar 13 '75

What happened with the weekly updates? 
What happened to "shortly?"

mpthatch Mar 13 '75

I don't understand why you would add Baseball when there are still improvements that could and should be added for Football first. This doesn't make any sense to me.

Bluemonick Mar 13 '75

Wow, just got on and saw this...REALLY DIDNT EXPECT THIS!!!