FFCSR_Doug Mar 13 '75

As you probably all have noticed Fleaflicker looks a little different today. Fleaflicker will now offer fantasy baseball in addition to football.  
You can start playing immediately but this is still a beta product and we need your feedback to improve it and iron out all the bugs. 
About the game: 
The baseball game has a very similar feel Fleaflicker's football game. Our goal is to provide a game that can be easy and fun for casual players but also customizable enough to meet the demands of even the most devout Bill James followers. 
The game currently supports: 
- Head to head points based leagues, similar to football (no rotisserie or total points yet) 
- Daily or weekly locking lineups 
- Highly customizable hitting, pitching and fielding scoring rules 
All of your past footbal teams and leagues will remain totally intact.  
In addition, here are upgrades for baseball that will also apply to football: 
- Ability to set future lineups 
- Roster max increased to 40 players (+ IR spots) 
- News provided by Rotowire 
- Positive values only scoring option (you can prevent players from scoring negative points in any given game) 
- Option to lock all lineup slots when the first game of the week starts 
- Trading delay removed (you no longer have to wait until Tuesday to trade players that had games earlier in the week) 
- Increased ability to sort on free agent player pages and filter on stats pages 
- Forum dedicated to recruiting new owners 
- Forum dedicated to user submitted news and analysis 
Please send us your questions, suggestions and issues via email or on this forum thread.  
Doug & Ori


WJBigRed Dec 10 '75

Any word on the head to head scoring where each category counts as one win, loss, or tie each week?

Alligator839 Oct 09 '75

Hey you Guys;

All code is a WIP (work-in-progress). Let FF alone, understand that any improvements revealed in the baseball code will be ported to the football code and vice versa. Ye gads what short fuses ye lads have. I appreciate fleaflicker admin and developers.

Go Indy!

cinreds2000 Jun 14 '75

would like to see if we could do split week schedule?? mon-thurs and fri-sun?

my leauges use this to increase the playing number of games plus also

how about using pitching vs pitching , hitting vs hitting and total points

to get 3 possible wins/loss/ties per session (game)?

we do that now in fanstar but want to switch cause we did our football and the guys want to keep it on one website

fleafounder Admin Jun 14 '75

There's no support for that yet but it's an interesting option that we could add in the future.

Big_Zeke Oct 01 '75

I was hoping to see the same thing happen. To be able to run a schedule similar to what MLB runs would be awesome. That way we could run two matchups per week and be able to create separation of winners or close gaps in the standings for losers.

JonCrit Aug 23 '76

Split week baseball is definitely the way to go (Mon-Thu ; Fri-Sun) !!!

cinreds2000 Aug 23 '76

yes i was told also that they were trying to do same for basketball. I transferred my FBL leauges to this site for the simple / nice easy way to use the website. IN that case i had to keep my basketball leagues on the other one for the split week scheduling...but i have found out that if you use the daily lineup changes for basketball it makes it so much better, but i like the idea of creatiing more games to play per week. that was why splil week scheduling to me was far more important that daily changes

crittx Aug 29 '76

I hadn't considered it for NBA since I don't play fantasy basketball....but that is another great idea. Also, 'nmbublyk's idea for keeping pace with MLB standings is made possible by splitweek "series"'s.

crittx Sep 11 '76

Hey cinreds2000, we did exactly what you're describing through FanStar in 2010...but much prefer to use FleaFlickr once they offer split week. fanstarone.com

DerKaiser Apr 18 '75

you have to add rotisserie capabilities. you've got the best free fantasy hosting services and some pretty good analysis tools. if you add roto, thousands of yahoo diehards will convert.

fleafounder Admin Apr 18 '75

Definitely, we're working on it.

deen Oct 11 '75

Still plan on adding head to head categories?

FFCSR_Doug Oct 17 '75

Yes, still working hard on that

Volt Aug 24 '76

Still working on that now????

DARKSEID Sep 05 '76

I guess that would depend on what your definition of working hard is. Apparently theirs has a different one then mine.

Sidney1965 Mar 15 '75

How about an iPhone app... :)

Sidney1965 Mar 15 '75

I see that some color has been added to the draft order...

mpthatch Mar 14 '75

I don't understand why you would add Baseball when there are still improvements that could and should be added for Football first. This doesn't make any sense to me.

DARKSEID Mar 14 '75

It's a free site so in my opinion it's all about selling more ad space.

fleafounder Admin Mar 15 '75

There's more to come, I haven't forgotten about all the other features.

PigskinPlague Mar 15 '75

It's good to hear that there is more to come. It'd be great if the new features could be implemented a week or so before the drafts start for this season.

ssuperflash Mar 14 '75

I am happy about baseball. I hope that football will still be looked at though, and I know you are. Hey, I'm happy that the forums have a better layout.

scotto1959 Mar 14 '75

Just shut up AntPOOP, THE CHEATER!!

Oscarmeyer Mar 15 '75