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CW_Mac Jul 21 '12

I need two owners for a 10-team keeper league (3 keepers). Very competitive league. You will need to choose your team's three keepers by NO LATER than Wednesday so that way, you'll be ready for the draft.

Let me know if you have any questions. Need these spots filled ASAP please!

Serious owners only!




CW_Mac Sep 15 '12

Still need two owners.

Themachine27 Sep 17 '12

Ill do it! Im very serious!

CW_Mac Sep 17 '12

Here it is:

Draft is tonight @ 9pm eastern

Themachine27 Sep 17 '12

I missed it. sorry any way i can make up for it?

CW_Mac Sep 17 '12

You didn't miss it. I was unable to change the draft date until it got over with. WE're doing it tomorrow night at 9pm eastern

Themachine27 Sep 18 '12

cani have a link?

CW_Mac Sep 18 '12

Sure can bud:

Themachine27 Sep 18 '12

And drafts tonight at 9?

CW_Mac Sep 18 '12

Yes sir

Themachine27 Sep 18 '12

Thank you brother!

CW_Mac Sep 19 '12

Thank you man! Not sure how active the league will be right now, but once the season starts it will be very active.