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FFCSR_Doug Nov 03 '08

Hey Guys, 
Sorry for no updates the past couple of weeks. We have not been on vacation in Aruba, but are working on a couple of big things (unfortunately can't go into too many specifics - know the creptic message will bring lots of guesses).  
So many of the upgrades, future lineup, co-commish, logos, have been put on hold for the moment.  
They are still priorities to us though and we understand how important they are to you guys.  
As soon as we can go into more specifics, we will provide you as much detail as possible about what we have in store.


PigskinPlague Jun 02 '09

It seemed like an update to the system might have been made today, June 2, 2009. Were there any changes? If so, what are they?

DARKSEID Jun 02 '09

Yes, they are adding baseball.

scotto1959 Jun 02 '09

the draft order has my lego colored blocks?

smcndfan Jun 02 '09

I thought fantasy baseball started already