fleafounder Admin Aug 02 '07

I've added a few scoring rules, most notably QB rating and QB completion %.  
Here are useful examples:  
  • 5 extra points when total QB Rating Points is greater than or equal to 110
  • 3 extra points when total Completion Percentage Points is greater than or equal to 70
What are some other scoring rules you'd like to see (if you've posted in the past on the suggestions forum please re-post here as well).  


PovertyBayOrca Aug 12 '09

Nice suggestion Scotto1959 ... so before I add to this list I want to thank the Admins for their great work in bringing us this Fantasy site.

I do have an issue with TM Defensive TDs. I see that defensive TDs have been broken out into 5 specific categories, which is fine, but the Defensive category to TM TDs is now not showing any TDs. I would have thought that the Defensive TD catagory would be an umbrella that covered all types of defensive TDs. As it is, the Defesive TD category has no type of TD at all and thus is always zero (0). If that is by design then please remove the Defensive TD category OR am I missing a type of defensive score that would appear in it?



PovertyBayOrca Aug 15 '09

The Admins have now fixed the Defensive TM TDs. It is now an umbrella category for all types of defensive TDs again.



rperrone Aug 11 '09

Is there a way to add bonus points for average per carry or yards per catch? Also, we would like to base this on a minimum number of carries or catches. (ie, 7+ carries or 3+ receptions to qualify for the bonus). Kinda like the completion % for QBs, which we would also like to base on the number of completions...

I had to manually calculate all that last year and adjust the scores every week.

Also, only the weeks that a player is active should count towards his season total...

fleafounder Admin Aug 12 '09

Reply is here.

Prash11 Feb 03 '09

I think the fumble rule needs to be changed, my leauge does not give points for TD's on kick returns or punt returns but since I am the commish I always have to change the score for kickoff or punt return fumbles IE Deshan Jackson. I give the TD's to the TM.

Shhhhh22 Dec 13 '08

I think it would be great to see defense and offense lose points when they commit a penalty. 
Block in the back 
false start 
delay of game 

mariners100 Dec 14 '08

I can see D losing points, but who would you charge the penalties to for Offense? Unless you are going to say a delay of game is to the QB or a hold is to the OLine it would be impossible... plus, I am not sure how many leagues draft OL in their yearly drafts.

Shhhhh22 Dec 14 '08

Thats true, i was more thinking along the lines of defense for sure, QB delay of game, intentional grounding, etc. WR holding, offensive pass int. 
things like that. I agree OL penalties would be stupid.

yeaitsme Dec 04 '08

is there any way not to loss points from your (tm)when the offence loss the ball have

scotto1959 Dec 04 '08

Can anyone tell me what this says??

Goz Dec 15 '08

Think they meant not have the team lose points when the offense loses the ball for a touchdown, ie. Interception/fumble for td.

brs26 Oct 19 '08

i have this on the suggestions page with no reply. 
in our old league (offline), we had a bonus to any score that was made in o.t.  
it was just a simple +3 to any score (td, fg, safety, etc.) that was done in overtime.  
it would be nice if that was an option.

mariners100 Oct 14 '08

How about allowing a point for a reception on a 2 pt conversion?

manny125d5 Oct 06 '08

How can you not reward the defence for a block field goal and runing it back for a TD

mikusthetiger Oct 08 '08

You can. But you have to set up your league's scoring to accomodate that rule by giving the "TM" 2 points for the block and 6 points for the TD.