fleafounder Admin Jun 19 '76

Small addition this morning: sortable injury page.

The default sort is % own so you can quickly see the important injuries for the week. But you can also sort by severity of injury and team.


teyink Jun 24 '76

I think it is a great addition.

RockinBeavers Jun 24 '76

I will give credit where its due, great addition and a useful info. However I too would like to see the requested additions to be given priority.

Gaald Jun 23 '76

I too am getting sick of the bullshit updates that no one asked for or wants, instead of updates that people have been wanting for years. I think I am moving to ESPN next year, where the apparently impossible to implement Team Victory/Coach stat is not only implemented but has some serious depth to it as well. They also have the ability to set limited transactions for the league.

I know both of these requests have been asked for and ignored by fleaflicker, so that they can get useless things like Team logo's, Celebrity bullshit, and the several other cosmetic and absolutely useless features on the site.

I was willing to put up with slow feature implementation when AOL didn't own the site, it was an independent site and almost all of the updates made sense and were useful, you know like new stats, or better commish controls. Ever since AOL it's been useless feature after useless feature.

Seriously disappointing.

darksideofoz Jun 22 '76

it's about what's easy to implement, not what is wanted or needed.

deen Jun 20 '76

Not a bad thing but im not sure its needed when I can get the injury information about my players on my team page.

Volt Jun 20 '76


... guess nobody loves this new feature that nobody was asking for yet got priority over needed changes.