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fleafounder Admin Aug 26 '10

I added commenting on all news items (very similar to the threaded comments in the forums).

You can now comment directly on a news item.

Try it out: what do you think of Sydney Rice's chances of coming back in less than 8 weeks?


J-J Aug 27 '10

it won't help much to direct traffic to the news comment threads if the total number of comments doesn't show up.

i just left 2 comments about the fuentes trade & it still says 0 comments next to the headline on the main page

J-J Aug 27 '10

now they're showing.


fleafounder Admin Aug 27 '10

Thanks I'll fix that this weekend.

J-J Aug 28 '10

they're showing up now so it's strait

Volt Aug 28 '10

It takes about 4 or 5 minutes before it shows. I thought it was a bug too, but it just takes a little time.