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fleafounder Admin May 22 '76

We put out a celebrity version of our fantasy game.

This game cost us virtually zero time to develop. It runs on the same software as our sports games and it's just for fun. No time/resources were taken away from developing our sports games to create it.

Try it out and let us know. If everyone hates it we can always take it down. But I think it's fun.


HawaiianRush May 31 '76

I rather see college Fantasy football rather then this celeb stuff... it would make me happy to see that this site is improving...

Volt May 31 '76

College football, pro-pick'em, suicide pools, top rusher, even fantasy Nascar would have been better than celebs.

deen May 31 '76

Yup, thats what got me to..If they wanted to keep ignoring the necassary improvements then why not create a pro football and college football pick em games?

Wouldnt that have made more sense then a celeb game?

Dynasty001 Jun 01 '76

yeah but the celeb game took "zero time to develop." So why not put it in? And Voltron, especially some of ur ideas, at least to me, arent much better. Even though I admit they are actually sports...

Volt Jun 01 '76

And what ideas may these be oh wise one?

Dynasty001 Jun 01 '76

lol none of them are great i dont think... fantasy nascar and college football are especially awful... even though ive never done top rusher idk what that is...

Volt Jun 01 '76

Those aren't suggestions, merely things that would have been better than fantasy celebs. I put actual suggestions in the suggestion section.

Dynasty001 Jun 01 '76

O ok my bad then, they sounded to me like suggestions.

HawaiianRush Jun 05 '76

Wait your saying college fantasy football sucks? I enjoy watching college just as much as I like NFL and the fantasy game is just as good... I mean It takes a real good person to manage a college fantasy football team, a NFL fantasy team, English Premier League soccer fantasy team and a fantasy baseball team at once...