TheHerd Sep 03 '05

It would be good to have the option to show your email address in your owner profile so that league members could email trade discussion and other stuff easily between each other. My league seems to be sending email to the entire league a lot when they would prefer to send it to just one other person.


speedluver Sep 07 '05

Awesome, thank you! I love this site.

fleafounder Admin Sep 07 '05

There are excellent free chat and IM applications available: AOL AIM, Yahoo, and MSN messenger.

I think it is best if you contact your league members and got their IM info.

But as promised, you can now send private messages to other members of your league.

From the message board, click the "Send Private Message" link.

Or, from any team page (in your league), expand the "Team Information" box and click on the envelope icon next to the owner's name.

Some owners may choose to disable private messaging, in which case you will be unable to reach them using this feature.

Pommer Sep 06 '05

Along with private e-mails, would a chat or an IM service be available to put on the site?



fleafounder Admin Sep 03 '05


Excellent idea. Private E-mails are certainly something we can add within a week.

I will post an update here once we have this new feature up and running.

Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!