Krimsonbadboy Jun 05 '79

first off i wanna say that this site is great and i llove the way the moderators interract with the masses. thats shows class and the dedication to be great. is there any way we can have an option to see our on players in the free agent lists like on Yahoo? that way we dont have to flip back and forth if we want to compare stats between mulitple players. i think this option would be beneficial to everybody


PhilH Jun 06 '79

That would be a great change. We need more options for free agent sorting and comparisons.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 06 '79

Thanks for both of your suggestions. We value your opinion and feedback and enjoy interacting wih you guys. Yes, we're working on free agent sorting like that, but it would be more of a comparison chart and we'd like to denote rookies better and easier with age listed for dynasty leagues. These are a work in progress and something we hope to implement down the line (no timetable unfortunately).

Krimsonbadboy Jun 28 '79

thanks for the response. i really hope that works out real soon. keep up the great work!