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G0AT Jun 16 '78

I think it would be cool to be able to post messages in each of the Scoreboard matchup pages.

Yahoo allows this in the form of a "Smack Talk" section in each matchup.

Any chance for something along these lines? My league is already whining that they can't talk smack to each other easily lol...


FleaMod Admin Jun 18 '78

Yes, it's something along with polls we'd like to have.

G0AT Jun 18 '78

Cool, I'll pass this along, thanks for the reply! ;)

Hoosier7405 Jul 16 '78

One thing that has been asked about a few times in my league is the ability to also post short videos as a form of smack talk. This is a feature that might be best reserved for private league though:) if at all possible.

mevic1 Jun 24 '79

Sooooo, any updates on the private smack-boards and polls?

Edit: Whoops, thought newer replies were at the bottom, sorry for the redundancy. Man these reply threads are all kinds of not right.

CURTIS88 Jun 24 '79

It's all good. The more messages we have, the longer this will be near the top. Maybe the mods will see it and provide an update on if this is going to happen.

mevic1 Jun 24 '79

Very true, in that case glad to help, the setup as is makes the message board fill up way too quickly.