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LegionSB Sep 29 '10

This used to be a fantasy league classic, but since the game went online, it doesn't seem to be used that often.

What I'm talking about is a consolation bracket where the *loser* of each head-to-head matchup advances in the bracket. Essentially, it's a "Biggest Loser" playoffs.

I would love to see this supported in Fleaflicker. I would imagine it as a toggle menu setting:

Consolation Bracket Settings

[ ] Winner Advance - teams with the highest score in their head-to-head games advance

[*] Loser Advance - teams with the lowest score in their head-to-head games advance


LegionSB Mar 27 '13

Every offseason now, I search for "toilet bowl" updates on Fleaflicker, and every year, I inevitably just find my own post. :(

LegionSB Mar 27 '13

But seriously, this idea is a core part of fantasy football culture. Hence the "Sacko" in the TV series, "The League".

LegionSB 8 Months

Another year passed. Any chance of getting this feature added?

Deschain19 8 Months

:( Fleaflicker seems incredible slow at updating is features. Every thing is "in the works but not a priority". I appreciate your persistence sir and I do hope they add the toilet bowel feature soon

staceybug 8 Months

Yes, please add this!

rainracn 5 Months

Yes Please

ClownSports 5 Months

Please add!

NJC1979 5 Months

Git'r done!