McBain 8 Months

If I pick up a player now, and we have 48 hour locking turned on, will he lock on my roster before the Thursday games?

Or is there no locking in preaseason?


FleaMod Fleaflicker Admin  8 Months

The Thursday game is next week. If he is scheduled to play and you pick him up before game time in that time period, the same rules will apply to a regular season game, since it is the regular season -- so you would not be able to drop him if picked up right before his kickoff.

McBain 8 Months

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm asking about tomorrow's Thursday games.

emperor 8 Months


FFCSR_Hal Fleaflicker Admin  8 Months

Tomorrow is still considered preseason. Week 1 wouldn't be until next Thursday, 9/5. So you're okay with your presumption.