DroogsCommish Jul 28 '13

Is there any way to get the team message board on the home page? It would facilitate league conversation, and help both players and commissioners post vital information in a place everyone is guaranteed to see it.



FleaMod Admin Jul 28 '13

For right now you'd have to click on the top nav bar and go to "Messages" to access the message board. It's an extra step, but the reason it is tough to put on the homepage is because many owners own more than one team in more than one league.

If you're viewing from a mobile device, you can access it by clicking the rectangular button and expanding the nav bar to "Messages" or even easier on mobile, click the shortcut icon that looks like a chat bubble to the right next to the nav expand rectangle.

DroogsCommish Jul 30 '13

I understand where it is, but currently the message board is looking like an unused abyss.Other leagues I am in, on other sites, have it prominently displayed, which facilitates discussion between owners and allowes commissioners to display important league messages in a place where is it guaranteed to be seen.I guess I fail to see the reasoning behind having it on a seperate page all together.

GutChecksCINC Jul 30 '13


Kyle4433 Jul 30 '13

^^^ Great point ^^^ It's hard enough for the commish to have to try and "force" certain communications. It would be much more effective on all fronts if the Message board was on the main screen. Even if it was a side bar or reduced section of the main page.

DroogsCommish Jul 31 '13

Would there be any way to have the option of placing the league message board on the main page, that currently only has the division standings? This would be league specific, so any owners that are in more than one league need not worry. Having the ability to communicate better with owners would be very helpful.


GutChecksCINC Aug 01 '13

I'd like to see a chat room on the "Scores" page.

Mackomish Aug 28 '13

^^^^ yes... CHAT room is highly needed... and all the points about the message board being placed somewhere more prominent to facilitate communication are right on the nose. The message board (or bulletin board) for fleaflicker is very weak and out of date, not to mention the poor choice of location in the whole UI. Among a few things that need updating, I would rank the bulletin board up at the top of must-fix issues.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 28 '13

Thanks for your feedback; we will do our best to work them into the UI in time. We agree they're important. Please continue to post suggestions in the Suggestions forum:


We read them all and do talk about them in our meetings.