Biggiek06 Mar 19 '79

First time experience with roster minimums. Going into the draft if one or more positions in my roster do not meet the minimum, will I not be able to draft a player at a position above the minimum until all positions under the minimum have been filled?


FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 19 '79

If you're running a live draft it will not limit your last pick, but in an e-mail draft it will.

rangerdave Mar 19 '79

It will limit your last pick(s) to the required position only.

Biggiek06 Mar 20 '79

Ok. So only the last pick in the draft is limited if the roster is still illegal. Thanks!

FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 20 '79

That's not always the case. Each league is different. If you max out at a position in an e-mail draft, you won't be able to select that position anymore until your other requirements are met. If you have questions with your specific league, please e-mail us at