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Pennypacker023 Jan 18 '79

I have a dynasty football league with 30 keepers for each team. I have the rookie/free agent draft currently scheduled for a date in June, which I want to be 5 rounds. In anticipation of the draft, I have set everyone's roster size to 36, since a couple teams have 6 picks via trading. I plan on keeping the rosters at 36 until about a week before the season starts, at which point everyone will have to do a cut-down back to 30.

Right now the draft order page is showing 27 rounds, with teams having anywhere between 21 and 27 picks (??). When I go to edit the draft order, it shows 30 rounds. How can I get the draft to go for only 5 rounds?


FleaMod Admin Jan 18 '79

The system sets the rounds based on how many players are needed to fill the roster. So if you have 36 players, everyone will need to select 31 keepers to show 5 rounds.

Pennypacker023 Jan 18 '79

How do I designate all the players on everyone's roster as keepers?

FleaMod Admin Jan 18 '79

Commish Options>Edit Rosters>These are the keepers only... Then you can go back and set the draft date.

FleaMod Admin Jan 18 '79

At Commish Options>Edit Rosters>These are the complete rosters but still draft this season

Pennypacker023 Jan 19 '79

Everyone doesn't have exactly the same amount of players on their roster due to offseason trades and such. Is there anyway I can cut the draft off after 5 rounds, even if everyone's roster isn't full?

FleaMod Admin Jan 19 '79

I would suggest drafting either players who would never be drafted (retired players or a 3rd string blocking TE for example) so after those rounds just draft players to their teams and then go to Edit Rosters>Remove Players