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MGD64 Nov 25 '78

What are fleaflicker's rules about eligibility? Most websites that I've seen do 5-25 starts (depending on the site) the previous year. It seems like FF does it based off of projections instead.

For instance, Lance Lynn had 6 relief appearances last year and wasn't guaranteed a roster spot until a week or two ago. Yet he has been SP for over a month. And I've seen it change during the season several times. (I.E. Melky Cabrera last year who went from CF to OF or Mike Morse who went from 1B/LF to 1B/LF/RF to 1B/LF/RF/DH in one season.) What are the guidelines?


FleaMod Admin Nov 25 '78

FleaMod Admin Nov 25 '78

Very few, if any players will sway from this. Victor Martinez and Martin Prado might be the only two. If you see any errors, please let us know.

MGD64 Nov 26 '78

Perfect, thank you. This was exactly what I was looking for. V-Mart was one of the guys I was targeting. I'm pretty sure he began the year at DH and then was switched to C/DH. Are you saying there is a chance he'll be moved back to DH? That's a big difference.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 26 '78


FFCSR_Hal Admin Nov 26 '78

No chance he'll be moved back. He was an exception that fell in Rule 5 of the 2013 Baseball Positional Eligibility because of his rare circumstance. You don't have to worry about him or players moving forward. He will be C/DH.