TradeVonMartin Sep 15 '78

This year is going to be my league's first year as a keeper league. If any of my owners elect not to keep a player this year, will they be compensated with an early pick during the draft next season? or will the pick come at the end of the draft? it would be great if they got something to ease their sorrows, but trust me when I say it is too bad, so sad. The point of fantasy is to collect talented players on your team, that score tons of points.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 15 '78

By default, it comes at the end of the draft; but you can manually edit the draft so that they have an earlier pick, but you'll have to manually then edit the following picks as well. You'll have an Edit Draft Order button when the time comes, but the short answer is that it comes at the end of the draft for your reasoning (similar to an NFL team getting compensatory picks at the end of drafts for not retaining players).

TradeVonMartin Sep 15 '78

Thank you.