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Sonny_D Sep 03 '78

Does he get individual credit if you start him as a WR even though the TD came on special teams? Our league is set up to give individual players TD scores plus the TM defense as well. Please advise


FFCSR_Hal Admin Sep 03 '78

This was updated to give Edelman a TD recovery.

i58858543 Sep 05 '78

I'm still not seeing the 6pts for Edelman in my league. Should it be there already?

FleaMod Admin Sep 05 '78

Not in your league. You're only applying the rules for a fumble recovery and a defensive TD to TM, you would have to either apply them to ALL or a WR for him to receive the points.

Look under scoring rules and it is spelled out better, thanks:

i58858543 Sep 05 '78

Wow, thank you for the lightning fast response. I didn't realize that made a difference, now I know. I think this is the first time in our 6 years w/ fleaflicker this has ever come up. Thanks again for the reply.