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Zilla820 Aug 19 '78

Has been ruled out for this week, but is still listed as questionable. I need to put him on IR for a transaction. Can you please rule him out?


Zilla820 Aug 19 '78

thanks dudes

FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 20 '78

This reflected shortly after your post. Our stats teams is on top of injuries, so no need to worry or prompt us unless it's a few hours outdated/old and 100% official of their updated status. Appreciate the report nonetheless. If you do feel the need to notify us of an incorrect injury, go ahead and contact us:


Zilla820 Aug 20 '78

Once again, you're the man, Hal.

Zilla820 Sep 05 '78

Hal, my friend, my league seems to be having difficulties with Kevin Kolb. He was ruled out of this weeks games a couple days ago, but is still listed as "Questionable". Maybe it's not 100% official? Just wondering what to tell the owner. Thanks for your time, man.

FleaMod Admin Sep 05 '78

although highly unlikely to play, he still may suit up and can't be rules out by us yet - if he's inactive, he'll be declared out on the site