Jake_Kach Jul 14 '78

Somehow the waiver setting in my league was changed to not reset on Wednesday. I'm the only commissioner and did not change it. I did have to make a change to the waiver order, but that is on a different screen from the setting.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 14 '78

1) What league are you referring to?

2) What are you claiming changed?

3) Are you saying the system did it automatically somehow?

We'll take a look but have no acknowledgement of this from the other leagues on the site. Thanks.

Jake_Kach Jul 14 '78


2.) Check next to Reset Waivers on Wednesday is gone

3.) Yes.

I mentioned the changing of the waiver order, because it could be possible it had some unintended effect, like taking away the reset setting. But I know I didn't do it myself. Even if i went to that page, I would not have clicked on it, and Saved, all by accident.

I don't know if you keep track of waiver claims, and could execute them as they should have been... I also don't know what happens if I click it and saved the Reset setting now. I guess it would not change anything until next week at this point.

FleaMod Admin Jul 15 '78

Thanks for the detailed report. Confirmed that I see an issue.

We do keep track of waivers and should be able to automatically revert this for you.

Thanks. Will keep you updated.

FleaMod Admin Jul 15 '78

All should be fine now, let us know. The following changed (rare isolation trigger in that league)

Order should have been and we reflected it for you:

Chris - [No change]

Shannon - Claim B. Hartline remove R. Cobb

Bicycle - [No change]

Williamsville - [No change]

Lunar - Claim A. Roberts remove D. Moore

Hot Fuzz - [No change]

Real - Give R. Meachem back drop A. Roberts

Schiller - [No change]

Fillins - Give B. Wells back drop B. Hartline

Wannabees - [No change]

Blount - [No change]

Respect - [No change]