Mikers11 Oct 27 '78

Hi, I'm new to fantasy hockey and was wondering how the scoring works in H2H leagues.

More specifically, what happens if the players on the other team you are playing have more scheduled games than the players on your team within a given week. Wouldn't one team have an unfair advantage because they have more opportunities to generate points because they will play in more games?


The_Rabbi Nov 09 '78

That is a potential risk to having the league set to update rosters weekly. If you change that setting to update daily you have a better chance to play more players. I'll tell you what though if you have a good team set up you shouldn't have to worry about how many players the other team has playing in any given week. I have three teams in my league who won last week but thier players had pretty close to half the ice time as the teams they were playing.

Plus with hockey unless you pick players who don't normally get playing time by the end of the week the time played pretty much washes out.