XxJohnson_09xX Jul 17 '75

Everyone! Hockey is finally here and i am ready to kick some ass baby! I am pumped, hockey is so awesome, i have been playing for 19 years now

(since i was 3 years old) and i know a lot about the nhl so if anyone wants a good league i have created one. The name of the league is called HOCKEY! It's an 8 man, 2 division league. The draft is currently scheduled for Friday but it might change to Saturday, i am not sure yet. Anyone can join if you want. Here is thelink to the league: fleaflicker.com

I also have created another league. The name of the league is called Hockey! This one is a a 24 team, 6 divison league. This league's draft is scheduled for Saturday. Once again anyone can join this league too. Here is the link to that league: fleaflicker.com

Thanks to all of you that join (: