Rich Peverley C DAL 2 Months

Doctors have cleared Rich Peverley to exercise, but the Dallas forward says he has a few more benchmarks to pass before he's deemed ready to handle the rigors of NHL play again.

"I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen, but I'm hoping to play and it's got to be under the right circumstances. So we'll wait and see and hopefully I can," Peverley said. "To actually clear me to play is a lot of steps down the road, but they did clear me [to exercise]. . . Now it's just slowly taking steps of getting the heart rate higher. My next step will probably be getting off medication that I'm on to control my heartbeat still. Once I'm off of that we'll see what happens in terms of how my heart reacts to no medication and see what happens when it's stressed." Peverley collapsed on the Stars' bench during a March 10 game and was brought back to life by team trainers and doctors.

Rich Peverley C DAL 3 Months

Dallas Stars center Rich Peverley said he is making progress in his recovery from an irregular heartbeat, but did not confirm whether or not he will able to return to NHL action next season.

Peverley collapsed on the bench during a March 10 game versus Columbus and was brought back to life by team trainers and doctors. "I'm trying to take the steps one at a time and just see what happens," Peverley told Mike Heika of The Dallas Morning News on Wednesday. "If I can play, that will be great. If I can't, then I'll deal with that at that time." Peverley has been increasing his workouts in an attempt to raise his heart rate and make a comeback.

Rich Peverley C DAL 4 Months

According to a source, at least one doctor has said that Rich Peverley could play next season.

Andy Strickland reported the news on his Twitter feed. "The first main thing is I'm going to have to do testing with getting my heart rate up, and then we'll go from there," said Peverley when he spoke to the media in late April. "I'm not sure when that will be, but that will be the first thing." He's optimistic about his chances after undergoing heart surgery on Mar. 19, but he still has some lingering doubts about his status.

Rich Peverley C DAL 5 Months

Rich Peverley isn't sure if he'll be able to play again, but he's trying to stay upbeat about it.

"There are a lot of unknowns still," he said. "I'm optimistic ... We'll have to wait and see. I'm literally taking it day to day." Peverley has not pushed his heart rate up yet even though he has been skating and helped with some team practices. He has been wearing a monitoring device since having ablation surgery and he's been following the protocols that his doctors set.

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

Rich Peverley skated on Thursday for the first time since undergoing heart surgery on Mar. 19, saying his goal is to play again this season.

The Stars tweeted that Peverley will take his time in deciding whether to return or not. Peverley collapsed on the bench on Mar. 10 and was clinically dead, but was luckily revived by Stars' medical staff and a defibrillator on site. There is certainly no rush for the 31 year-old's return, but it is reassuring to hear he is lacing up the skates.

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

Rich Peverley had an abnormal heart rhythm corrected with surgery on Tuesday.

Peverley is scheduled to return to Dallas on Thursday after being released from the Cleveland Clinic. He collapsed during Dallas' game on March 10 because of a cardiac event. "He will be monitored closely and may require further treatment," Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill said. "There is no decision being made at this time on his ability to return to hockey participation."

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

The March 10th Columbus Blue Jackets-Dallas Stars game has been postponed to April 9.

Nathan Horton's goal will count, as will assists for Matt Calvert and James Wisniewski. All other statistics from that game will be removed, as the contest will begin with a 20-minute first period. It's unclear how those points may be applied in fantasy leagues.

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

Rich Peverley visited the Stars' practice facility on Thursday morning after he was released from the hospital on Wednesday night.

He gave his teammates an emotional lift to see him back on his feet. "I think it means a lot," coach Lindy Ruff said of Peverley's presence. "That camaraderie in the dressing room and the line he plays with, the teammates he sits next to, just to walk back in the facility here and be part of it. For him, this is tough because hockey has been his life and he gets to come and watch practice and I'm pretty sure watching practice wasn't what he had in mind. At the same point, it had to be a real good day for him." He will be assessed over the summer to see if he can continue playing, but he won't play again this year and will have surgery in Cleveland soon.

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

The season-ending heart procedure that Rich Peverley will undergo was something he's been planning to do for a while.

The only difference is that Peverley's original plan was to wait until after the Dallas Stars' campaign was over. Peverley had been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat during training camp and he collapsed while on the bench during Monday's game due to what was called a cardiac event. Dr. Robert Dimeff said that Peverley's status beyond the 2013-14 campaign is still unclear.

Rich Peverley C DAL 6 Months

Rich Peverley (heart) will not be available for the remainder of the 2013-14 campaign.

Peverley collapsed on the Dallas bench on Monday due to a cardiac event. He was hospitalized and is now in stable condition. However, he needs to have a procedure done on his heart.