Kris Letang D PIT 1 Month

Kris Letang has finally been placed on the injured reserve list.

Letang hasn't played since Jan. 27 because he suffered a stroke. There's no timetable for his return.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

After Friday's practice sessions leading into Saturday night's outdoor game in Chicago, the Penguins and Blackhawks had a family skate and Kris Letang hit the ice.

It was believed to be his first time on the ice since his Jan. 30 stroke. Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma called it "just a casual skate." Letang also joined his teammates for a team photo before practice.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Kris Letang appears to have a long road ahead of him before he can return to the lineup from a stroke he suffered in January.

He isn't sure if he'll be back this season and he said for now he is simply "targeting day-by-day." He added: "I have some good days, some bad days [physically]. "I think the most difficult thing is around family, everybody is really careful. I can't even lift their luggage without having them try to help me out." He is still on blood-thinners and it hasn't been determined yet if the hole in his heart was the cause of his stroke. "Otherwise, it's been just mentally a little bit tough."

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Kris Letang is still recovering from a stroke.

He didn't take part in Wednesday's practice, but he watched most of the session. Letang missed five games before the Olympic break because of the ailment.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

A hole in his heart known as PFO might have been responsible for Kris Letang's stroke, the Penguins say.

PFO, or patent foramen ovale, affects 20 to 25 percent of Americans, according to doctors. Some of the holes have a flap-like opening; others do not. All babies have the hole before they are born. After birth, the hole usually closes within 72 hours, sometimes with the first breath. "But with up to a quarter of patients, the hole doesn't close," said Dr. John Girod, a cardiologist at St. Clair Hospital in Mt. Lebanon. Even when the flap remains open, "most of the time it's of no consequence," he said. It might have been of consequence for Letang, who was diagnosed with a small hole between his heart's upper (atrial) chambers, the Penguins said. The team on Friday announced that Letang suffered a stroke, perhaps as early as Jan. 30. He missed a game in Los Angeles that night and continued to feel ill, missing Saturday's game in Phoenix. A series of tests there and in Pittsburgh confirmed the stroke. Letang is expected to miss at least six weeks.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Kris Letang wanted to make the fact that he had a stroke public, it will encourage young or otherwise healthy people to seek medical help if they have similar symptoms.

It started when Letang experienced dizziness and nausea last week. It was originally believed that he had an illness, but further testing revealed that was not the case. "It obviously was a shock to get the news but I'm optimistic that I can overcome this and get back on the ice," Letang said. The hope is that with blood thinners he'll be able to make a complete recovery and even return to the Penguins' lineup in about six weeks.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Kris Letang's mystery illness has been revealed to have been a stroke.

The good news is that Letang is expected to make a full recovery and even resume his NHL career in about six weeks. He'll go on blood thinners for now.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that the illness keeping Kris Letang out of the Penguins lineup is serious, though not life-threatening.

According to Rossi, the Penguins had concerns last week that Letang's season, and possibly his career, could be in jeopardy as a result of the illness, which has not been specified. Coach Dan Bylsma indicated Thursday there would be no update on the blueliner's condition until more facts are known. We wish Letang all the best in his recovery from this mystery ailment.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

Kris Letang will miss at least one more game due to his illness.

Letang won't travel with the Penguins to Buffalo for Wednesday's match. That means he'll miss at least four straight contests. Beyond the fact that Letang is out Wednesday, the Penguins didn't offer any update on his condition.

Kris Letang D PIT 2 Months

The Pittsburgh Penguins aren't sure how long Kris Letang (illness) will be sidelined.

The fact that Letang has already missed three games over an illness is concerning. The Penguins are evaluating him further and at this point they can't rule out the possibility that this might be a long-term issue.