Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

The Bruins haven't given up hope in retaining Jarome Iginla.

Boston has just over $1.6 million in cap space and a several other players to re-sign, so it seems unlikely Iginla, who made $1.8 million last season, will be back unless they are creative this offseason. That being said general manager Peter Chiarelli is still talking with Iginla's agent. "We're still talking to Jarome's agent. I spoke with him today," said Chiarelli. "I won't go into details, but we're still talking and we'll see how it goes. If we don't get Jarome signed to fit into our salary structure, I'm not going to go out hard to find a replacement for two reasons: the annual cost and the term."

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

With the NHL salary cap now set at $69 million for the 2014-15 season, it is doubtful the Bruins will be able to re-sign UFA Jarome Iginla.

This should come as no surprise but there was a little hope left that the Bruins could retain Iginla had the NHL and the NHLPA announced Friday night that the cap was $70-71 million. With less money to work with and with other players such as Torey Krug and Reilly Smith to re-sign, the Bruins just won't have enough money to satisfy Iginla's contract requirements. That is of course, if they don't move a player or two. Stay tuned.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

Jarome Iginla has informed the Bruins that he will meet with other teams to see what other offers are out there.

Boston has a tight cap situation, so they may not be able to give the term and money that Iginla is seeking. On the other side, the Bruins may have to move a body or two to get Iginla, Reilly Smith and Torey Krug under contract. "We're in the midst of making these decisions and we want to see how the market plays out," GM Peter Chiarelli said. "You know, I guess my point is that these decisions may stretch into the summer, they may stretch into training camp, they may stretch into November." The decision on Iginla will have to come much sooner than that because he'll be an unrestricted free agent this coming Tuesday.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

Jarome Iginla's agent, Don Meehan, will meet with Boston GM Peter Chiarelli on Thursday in Philadelphia ahead of the NHL Entry Draft.

If Iginla wants more than a one-year, incentive-laden contract then he could end up testing unrestricted free agency. He earned $5.5 million in 2013-14 on a deal with the Bruins that carried a $1.8 million cap hit.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

The Boston Bruins remain committed to re-signing Jarome Iginla.

Whether or not the Bruins are able to do so given their tight cap situation remains to be seen. Iginla would probably need to be willing to accept a one-year, incentive-laden deal if he wants to stay with Boston. Meanwhile, he's just over one week away from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

The Bruins seem to still be focussed on an incentive-based deal for unrestricted free agent Jarome Inginla.

In order to deal with cap issues, the Bruins are hoping they can convince Iginla to accept an incentive-laden contract with a low base salary simialr to the deal he inked last season. Iginla, on the other hand, is likely seeking a contract with guaranteed money. Negotiations are ongoing so stay tuned.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

Getting Jarome Iginla signed before July 1 is reportedly No. 1 on the Bruins' priority list right now.

According to a source with knowledge of negotiations, the Boston has essentially put talks with their other prospective free agents on hold to work on a deal with Iginla. The team has about $9 million to sign three forwards, two defensemen and a backup goaltender. The forwards also need to take up top-six roles and Iginla performed well in that capacity during the 2013-14 season.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

Jarome Iginla is in contract talks with the Boston Bruins.

The Bruins ability to sign Iginla will likely be dependent on what his demands are in terms of a base salary. Boston can stay under the cap ceiling while re-signing Iginla by offering him a contract with a low base salary and plenty of incentives like they did in 2013-14, but if Iginla wants more guaranteed money then he might end up testing the unrestricted free agent waters.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 3 Months

It wouldn't be surprising to see the Detroit Red Wings target Jarome Iginla.

That's assuming of course that Iginla reaches free agency, which is far from a foregone conclusion considering the mutual interest between Iginla and the Boston Bruins. Still, if that doesn't work out, Iginla would be a nice short-term fit for Detroit, especially if Daniel Alfredsson decides to retire. The sticking point could be the fact that Detroit's in a transitional period at a time when Iginla is running out of chances to win the Stanley Cup. He might want to head to a team that he feels has a better shot of winning it all.

Jarome Iginla RW COL 4 Months

Boston Bruins president Cam Neely made it clear that the team has interest in re-signing Jarome Iginla.

Iginla scored 30 goals and 61 points in 78 games in 2013-14. "We would like to try and see if we can figure something out moving forward with him," Neely said. "We will see where that goes, but I thought he fit in really well with our team." The biggest road block is the Bruins' cap situation, which isn't great. If they do re-sign Iginla, they will have a tough time bringing in any other players of substance unless they also make a trade.