Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Nicklas Backstrom is still waiting to find out if he'll get a silver medal for his time with Sweden.

Backstrom wasn't allowed to play in the gold medal game because he tested positive for a banned substance. That sounds worse than it is because the banned substance he took was the allergy medication Zyrtec-D. He's been taking that for around seven years to deal with his allergy problems and the medication was approved by the team doctor. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said that the NHL has no plans on punishing Backstrom so long as the facts are as they understand them and further added that Zyrtec-D is not on the NHL's banned substances list.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Washington head coach Adam Oates says he feels bad for his top center Nicklas Backstrom who was banished from the Olympics for taking a banned substance.

While the allergy medication was banned by the IOC, it's not by the NHL. "We feel so sorry for him, it's terrible," Oates said. "The circumstances, we don't know all the facts, but he took cold medicine that's allowed. 'I've got a cold or I've got an allergy.' They gave him the medicine, Zyrtec-D, that's OK at the time and then all of a sudden it's not OK. It kind of doesn't make sense to me." We think that Backstrom will not receive a silver medal as he was disqualified from the Games.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom, a star with Team Sweden, said he was devastated that he was not allowed to play for the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics Sunday because he tested postive for a banned substance.

Canada beat Sweden 3-0 for the gold medal without Backstrom in the lineup. Backstrom was enjoying a first-rate tournament. He had four assists and led the team's centers in ice time before Sunday. He was getting ready for the game with his teammates when he learned he had to attend a hearing two hours before the game was scheduled to start. "I want to say I have absolutely nothing to hide," Backstrom said. "I have allergy problems. I've taken Zyrtec-D for many years. It was a little shocking to me, to be honest with you. . .I feel like I haven't done anything differently than the last seven years and I've been playing internationally for the last seven years and lots of games, and haven't seen this before. . .I've been here for two weeks now and [it is] probably the most fun I've ever had. I mean, great group of guys and I was ready to play probably the biggest game of my career and two-and-a-half hours before the game I got pulled aside. That is sad."

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Nicklas Backstrom will not be punished by the NHL for taking a banned substance during the Olympics.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly put out the following: " We understand that Nicklas Backstrom tested positive for a substance banned 'in competition' by the International Olympic Committee. It is our further understanding that the positive test was the result of a common allergy medication taken by the player knowingly, with the approval of the team doctor and without the intention of gaining an illegal or improper performance-enhancing benefit. In addition, the specific substance that resulted in the positive test is not currently on the League's Prohibited Substances List.Subject to confirmation of the facts as we understand them, and given the fact that the substance is neither prohibited in the NHL nor was used in an improper manner here, we do not anticipate there being any consequences relative to Nicklas' eligibility to participate in games for the Washington Capitals."

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Nicklas Backstrom was not allowed to play due to a positive test for a banned substance.

Yahoo! was apprised by the NHLPA that Backstrom was found with an illegal allergy medication in his system. He was apparently tested on Friday and was taken from the dressing room before warmups. Stay tuned.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Nicklas Backstrom, who has a migraine headache, is still in the official lineup for Sweden.

The Swedes are likely hoping that Backstrom's migraine will subside and he will be able to play later in the game. Stay tuned.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 7 Months

Nicklas Backstrom doesn't feel additional pressure even though Sweden lost plenty of depth down the middle due to injuries to Henrik Zetterberg and Henrik Sedin.

"I don't feel like I have pressure from outside," he said. "I always put pressure on myself and have high expectations of myself in a tournament like this or when you go into a new NHL season. That's a similar situation. I think that is enough, to put the pressure and expectations I have for myself. Obviously we have a lot of ice time and the coaching staff believes in us, so it is something we have to take care of." He has four assists in five games during the Sochi Games, while playing between Daniel Sedin and Loui Eriksson. Sweden will have to battle for every inch against Canada in Sunday's gold-medal game.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 8 Months

Nicklas Backstrom will be Sweden's number one center when they kick off their Olympic tournament on Wednesday afternoon against the Czech Republic.

Henrik Sedin's injury has elevated the gifted Caps playmaker to top line duties, with Daniel Sedin and Loui Eriksson on his wing. Backstrom is more than capable of handling a top scoring role with 56 points in 59 games this season. He had six points (1 G, 5 A) in four games during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 8 Months

Nicklas Backstrom snapped a four-game point drought with an assist on Sunday.

Backstrom has 11 goals and 49 points in 49 games this season. He's been reunited with Ovechkin for the first time since December and that can only help his fantasy value.

Nicklas Backstrom C WAS 9 Months

Nicklas Backstrom has been reunited with Alex Ovechkin.

The two of them haven't played together since Dec. 30. They skated with Marcus Johansson during Saturday's practice. Backstrom hasn't earned a point in his last four games, but he has a total of 48 in 48 matches this season. His fantasy owners will be thrilled that he's back with Ovechkin.