Tomas Vokoun G PIT 12 Months

No matter what happens, there's a good chance that this will be Tomas Vokoun's (blood clot) last season.

Vokoun acknowledged as much when he was talking about what role he might have with the Penguins if his current AHL conditioning stint goes well. "That's up to the coaches," Vokoun said. "When we talked back in January, I told them I'm open-minded. Regardless of what happened, I was 90 percent sure it was going to be my last season anyway. I'm here to help. It seems like the coaches and the management want me to be around. Whatever my role is, I'm fine either way." Vokoun is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. He has 300 wins, a 2.55 GAA, and .917 save percentage in 700 career games.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT 12 Months

Tomas Vokoun (blood clots) will report to AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on Wednesday to begin a conditioning stint.

The future of Vokoun's playing career was put into question after suffering blood clots in his pelvis and even now it's not clear if he'll play in another NHL game. The Penguins plan to test him at the minor league level to see how his body responds and go from there. It's worth adding that the 37-year-old forward is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Jan 01 '80

It is looking more and more remote that Tomas Vokoun (blood clots) will play in a game this season.

Although he has been practising with his teammates and ramping up his workouts he is still a long way from playing and time is running out in the regular season. In addition, the Penguins are happy with Jeff Zatkoff as Marc-Andre Fleury's backup. Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma described Vokoun's chances of playing as "just a mere possibility at this point in time". If you have not done so long ago, cut Vokoun now.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Dec 19 '79

Tomas Vokoun (blood clots) did not practice on Sunday.

Vokoun has been practicing for almost three weeks but missed Sunday's evening practice. Vokoun suffered the blood clots in his pelvis during the off-season and has yet to play this season but hopes to play before the playoffs start. The Penguins have not committed to any action for Vokoun so stay tuned.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Dec 01 '79

Tomas Vokoun was back at practice on Wednesday for the first time since September when he had a medical procedure to dissolve a blood clot in his pelvis.

"It's nice ... to get some shots," he said. "I'm just happy to be back on the ice and be with the guys. Feeling pretty good. My agenda is to practice and see how I feel and how it goes. We'll see. I'm trying to get back, see how I feel, making sure my health holds up. Obviously, [being out] for five months, you never know." Jeff Zatkoff has performed well enough as Marc-Andre Fleury's backup this season and Vokoun said he won't come back unless he feels he can help out the team.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Nov 30 '79

Tomas Vokoun (blood clot) has been medically cleared to play.

He intends to play for the Penguins before the season is over, but he needs to get into shape first. Vokoun has been sidelined since a blood clot was discovered in his pelvis in late September.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Nov 09 '79

Tomas Vokoun (blood clot) took some shots at the end of Tuesday's morning skate.

That's a step in the right direction, but it shouldn't be taken as an indication that Vokoun is close to returning. In fact, there's still no guarantee that he'll play again in 2013-14. "He needs to see quite a bit more practice time and shots in the next two or three weeks before we get to another stage (in his recovery)," Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Nov 01 '79

Tomas Vokoun (blood clot) will be on the ice Wednesday.

Vokoun has been off of blood thinners for a week. He's not ready to take shots yet, but this is still very encouraging news. Vokoun hasn't played at all this season.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Oct 16 '79

It's not good news for Tomas Vokoun as he is still on blood thinners.

Vokoun was to be re-evaluated by doctors after three months to see if he needed to remain on blood thinners. "He has passed the three-month [time]," coach Dan Bylsma said. "He's still seeing the doctor regularly and is still on blood-thinners." That does not bode well for his hockey season as it looks as if he will remain on the medication for six months. He is not allowed to face shots or play while on the blood thinners so his season is in doubt as he will need a while to get back in shape once he is allowed back on the ice.

Tomas Vokoun G PIT Sep 11 '79

Though he has no "health issues" now, Tomas Vokoun (blood clot) is unsure whether his career will continue and ultimately will leave his future up to his doctor's recommendations.

Vokoun was slated to be the Penguins' back-up netminder this season but suffered a blood clot in late September and has been sidelined ever since. He spoke publicly about his health Saturday night and explained that he has not ruled out playing again or retiring. "I feel great," said Vokoun, who is still on medication. "I don't have any health issues. It's hard to look that far ahead. Definitely if I can (return) I want to try. In a month, I'll see the doctor and see what he thinks I should do. Then it's up to me to weigh pros and cons and make a decision."