Thomas Vanek LW MIN 2 Months

Thomas Vanek is involved in an ongoing gambling investigation in upstate New York.

Per WHEC-TV, "Vanek is not charged with any crime and he voluntarily came to the federal court building with his lawyer." Vanek has also issued a statement saying that his cooperation was requested by the U.S. Federal Government and he intends to comply. "I am not the subject of any investigation or prosecution," Vanek said. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said that the NHL is looking into the situation, but currently isn't commenting on the matter.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

Thomas Vanek admitted that returning to Minnesota was one of his main motivations for wanting to test the free agent market.

Vanek had to compromise to sign with the Wild though as they would only ink him to a three-year deal. He hadn't previously played for the Wild, but he did go to the University of Minnesota where he was a star with the Golden Gophers. This signing also reunites him with his former Sabres linemate, Jason Pominville.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

The Minnesota Wild have signed Thomas Vanek to a three-year deal.

Vanek goes back to Minnesota where he played college hockey and was a scoring star with the Golden Gophers. He will motivated to play in front of friends and should settle in on the Wild's top line alongside Zach Parise and Mikko Koivu. He will also play on the team's top power-play unit. Look for Vanek to register 70 points this upcoming season. Minnesota GM Chuck Fletcher did well to hold the term on this deal to three years. It looks like Vanek and the Wild win here.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

Thomas Vanek is interested in signing with the Minnesota Wild, but the team might be unwilling to give him a long-term deal.

Still, Vanek might be open to signing with the Wild on a short-term contract. "Is it a deal-breaker if he loves everything about the team and they're shorter term than another team? I don't think it's to that extent," Vanek's agent, Steve Bartlett said. "It's just one more of those boxes that you check when you're trying to make a decision." Vanek will be one of the top unrestricted free agents despite his rocky playoff run with Montreal.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

The Minnesota Wild are holding an in-person meeting with potential UFA target Thomas Vanek on Sunday, according to a report by TVA's Louis Jean.

The Wild wouldn't be able to sign him until July 1, as only the Montreal Canadiens have that right. Many believe that the sniper is likely to land in Minnesota, and this only intensifies that speculation.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

Thomas Vanek has garnered the interest of 8 to 10 teams during the NHL's open window phase of free agency.

However, according to TSN and ESPN hockey insider Pierre LeBrun, it appears as though only four of them are serious. That suggests that the other clubs may have just been kicking the tires.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 3 Months

Michael Russo of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune believes that Thomas Vanek landing with the Wild "is no longer a given."

Russo reports: "The Wild has a lot of players 28 and older, a lot of players 24 and younger. You don't want to get too many players north of 30 on long-term deals, so there's a specific price point I think the Wild's willing to reach with Vanek. I don't get the impression the Wild's willing to sign him to a long-term deal anymore." Vanek should still have his fair share of options in free agency in July even if Minnesota is longer in the mix.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 4 Months

Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur suggested that Montreal might be better off without Thomas Vanek.

Vanek is likely to walk as an unrestricted free agent. Montreal used him sparingly as the playoffs went on and Lafleur accused Vanek of fading under adversity. Vanek now has just 30 points in 53 career playoff games, which is a substantially slowly point-per-game pace than he's enjoyed in the regular season. All the same, he's likely to get a big contract over the summer.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 4 Months

To nobody's surprise, the agent for Thomas Vanek confirmed Tuesday that the Austrian forward will make a decision about his future when the free agency period opens on July 1st.

It has been the league's worst kept secret that Vanek intended to test the free agents waters all season after he wouldn't engage in long-term contract talks with any of the Sabres, Islanders or Canadiens. Despite his postseason struggles, the sniper remains a good bet to break the bank this summer.

Thomas Vanek LW MIN 4 Months

Thomas Vanek blamed his lack of production in the playoffs on poor chemistry with his new linemates.

However, he wasn't pointing the finger at his teammates. He blamed himself for that not happening. "I'm a big believer in chemistry," he explained. "I started in Buffalo and I went to the Island, where I got comfortable with Johnny (Tavares) and (Kyle) Okposo and our line took off and then your game takes off. When I first got here, I struggled a bit and then I got moved to Davey (Desharnais) and Patch (Max Pacioretty) and I think as a line we were great, one of the best lines. Then I got taken off and I struggled to find myself with a new line. I played with (Tomas Plekanec) for most of the playoffs and it didn't work. We are, I believe, both very good players, but it didn't work. We're not on the same page, just different games." He averaged more than three shots a game in the regular season, but had only 28 shots in 17 playoff games. Vanek will test the market as an unrestricted free agent next month.