Kimmo Timonen D PHI 3 Months

Timonen (blood clots) in leg confirmed Thursday that the chances of him playing this season are "really slim," Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Though he didn't announce his retirement as some expected Thursday, Timonen acknowledged that the blood clots in his lungs and right leg will keep him out multiple months, putting his career in jeopardy. Timonen will wait and see what kind of progress he makes in the coming weeks as he waits for the blood clots to dissipate, but it sounds entirely possible that we've seen the last of the respected defenseman in the NHL. Even in the deepest of leagues, it's tough to justify stashing him on the bench until he returns to health, since it's certainly far from a given that that will happen by the end of the season.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 3 Months

Timonen (blood clots) plans on playing in the Flyers' benefit golf invitational Sept. 16, Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Obviously, participating in a golf outing is a far cry from getting back on the ice, but it at least provides an apparent indication that Timonen is making progress. However, his condition is still viewed as a long-term concern, and the Flyers seem to be preparing for the upcoming season with the assumption that Timonen won't be available at any point.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 4 Months

Timonen (blood clots) is back in the U.S. after undergoing treatment in Finland, but the Flyers are planning as though he won't be contributing to the squad this season, reports the Courier-Post.

"We haven't had a chance to look at him yet," general manager Ron Hextall said, "but there's something going on there" when asked if Timonen was on a regimen of blood thinners like warfarin or herparin. Both drugs are used to prevent clots from developing in the future, but put the patient at risk of bruising and make it hard to get bleeding wounds to clot. Hockey would definitely be off-limits because of the body contact, but Timonen is making good progress.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 4 Months

Timonen is dealing with blood clots in both of his lungs, as well as his right leg, Rogers Sportsnet reports.

Timonen, at 39 years old, just signed a one-year deal to remain with the Flyers this season; however, given his grave health concerns, the team is unsure about his playing status. The goalie is currently receiving medical treatment in Finland, where we send him out best wishes in overcoming such serious complications.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 6 Months

Talking to other players that retired is what convinced Kimmo Timonen that he wanted to extend his career for at least one more year.

Timonen inclued a one-year deal with the Flyers on Friday that could pay him almost $4 million if he hits all his bonuses. "I talked to a lot of people around my age who retired and who kind of hung up their skates before they should have," Timonen said Friday. "I would say if I talked to 15 people, 13 of those people said don't quit if you're not hurt or something doesn't force you to do it. Because you're going to regret that forever. So that was kind of cool to talk to so many people that were saying the same thing: If there's a team that wants you back and you can play, don't retire." Timonen also hasn't won the Stanley Cup yet, but he likes the Flyers' chances in 2014-15.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 6 Months

Kimmo Timonen can earn close to $4 million in 2014-15 if he fulfills the requirements for all his bonuses.

Timonen's base salary will be $2 million though, down from $6 million in 2013-14. If the Flyers are primarily concerned about the short term, then they only need to worry about his base salary as far as their cap projections go. That's because teams are allowed to exceed the cap ceiling if it's due to bonuses. The drawback is that if you do exceed the cap via bonuses, then the difference will count against your ceiling for the following campaign.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 6 Months

Kimmo Timonen has inked a one-year extension with the Philadelphia Flyers.

The financial terms of the deal are not yet known. Timonen had six goals and 35 points in 77 games in 2013-14. He's 39 years old and we wouldn't be surprised if he regressed a bit more offensively, but he's still one of the Flyers' top blueliners.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 7 Months

Kimmo Timonen is hinting that he could return for one more season.

The 39-year-old defenseman wants to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup and he could give it a try for one more season. It is unknown whether or not the Flyers will pony up the money necessary to keep the unrestricted free agent to be, as they will be up against the cap but he could go elsewhere as well. Stay tuned.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 8 Months

The Flyers are hoping veteran defenseman Kimmo Timonen decides to return next season.

Timonen was the Flyers' anchor on the blue line again this season but he will turn 40 next season. His lack of footspeed, obvious against a quicker New York team in the first round of the playoffs, was saved only by his hockey sense and positional awareness. Timonen earned $6 million this year. The little Finnish warrior has banked north of $54 million in his career and now needs to decide whether he should play one more year. Will he retire? "I hope not," coach Craig Berube said. "He's still a good player . . . He gave everything he had." Berube hopes not because he knows the Flyers do not currently have the player to replace Timonen on the depth chart.

Kimmo Timonen D PHI 8 Months

Kimmo Timonen might have played in his last NHL game.

Timonen is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. He had six goals and 35 points in 77 games in 2013-14. Flyers coach Craig Berube said that he hoped Timonen would choose to extend his career, but at the age of 39, he might decide to hang up his skates.