Jay Bouwmeester D STL Jan 07 '79

With Jarome Iginla gone, the trade rumors in Calgary are now focused on Jay Bouwmeester.

Bouwmeester is signed through the 2013-14 campaign, so there's less urgency to trade him. At the same time, they might want to avoid putting themselves in the position they did with Iginla: Where they refused to trade him through years of losing only to be forced to finally do so when his contract was expiring. It's worth noting that Bouwmeester, like Iginla, was given a no-movement clause, so ultimately he has a lot of control over what happens next. It's worth noting that Jay Bouwmeester has played in 749 regular season games, but has never participated in the postseason.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 30 '78

With six goals and 14 points after 27 games this season, veteran defenseman Jay Bouwmeester is attracting attention in NHL trade talks.

Rumors are circulating that the St. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators covet him. "I don't listen to the rumours or anything like that. I know it's out there and people talk about it, but no one really knows anything," said Bouwmeester, who has a no-trade clause and is signed for one more season before becoming an unrestricted free-agent.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 28 '78

Jay Bouwmeester potted a goal in the Calgary Flames' 4-3 loss to the Dallas Stars Monday night.

Bouwmeester is finally showing Calgary fans why the Flames spent big money on him in 2009. With six goals and 14 points in 27 games this season, Bouwmeester is enjoying a very solid fantasy season. He should be owned in every league.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 23 '78

Jay Bouwmeester netted his fifth goal of the season on Wednesday.

Bouwmeester didn't live up to expectations from a fantasy perspective for years after heading over to Calgary, but that's changed. He's been a solid fantasy option with 13 points in 25 games this season. There's also plenty of trade speculation surrounding him, but it's worth noting that he's signed through 2013-14 and has a no-trade clause.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 22 '78

Jay Bouwmeester is aware of the trade speculation surrounding him.

When the Calgary Flames got him in the summer of 2009, he was regarded as a critical piece of the team's potential Stanley Cup run. That obviously didn't work out and Bouwmeester has now played in 741 career NHL games without ever reaching the playoffs.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 16 '78

Why doesn't Jay Bouwmeester wear a visor? Because he doesn't have to.

"There's no good excuse not to wear one," Bouwmeester said. "When people say, 'You're stupid not to wear one,' I'm not going to disagree, but there a lot of things in life that make more sense and people still do." Without making visors mandatory, there might always be some players that choose not to wear them. The debate over visors has heated up since Rangers defenseman Marc Staal was struck in the eye by a puck on Tuesday.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Dec 03 '78

The Calgary Flames have managed just one goal in their last two games.

For the most part, the one area the Flames have done decently in is their ability to find the back of the net. If they start to struggle in that regard too over an extended duration, then the talk might move from a playoff spot entirely to their chance at the first pick overall in 2012. "It's hard to put a finger on," Jay Bouwmeester said about their recent offensive difficulties. "We need to generate more and put everything at the net. Nowadays, so much happens just off of that." Bouwmeester added that the good news is that they'll play again on Saturday, so they won't have much time to dwell on their struggles before they get a chance to reverse them.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Nov 08 '78

Jay Bouwmeester finally showed Calgary fans why the Flames spent big money on him in 2009 Saturday.

Ok, it may be a few years late, but the blueliner was outstanding in the win over the Oilers. "Jay Bouwmeester was flying tonight," gushed head coach Bob Hartley. "I think we saw the real Jay Bouwmeester, a guy who took charge, wanted the puck . . . He was a quarterback back there. That's the kind of hockey I think Jay Bouwmeester can bring to us,. He has the green light. He has the speed to create offense. If he doesn't, he has the speed to come back. We're telling him we want him to create a good second wave for us, to make sure he's always in the play, always active. That's tough to defend." If this is a turnaround for Bouwmeester, try to grab him if he is available on the waiver wire as he has had some big offensive seasons in his past.

Jay Bouwmeester D STL Jun 30 '78

Jay Bouwmeester is not actively looking for a place to play during the lockout.

During the 2004-05 lockout, Bouwmeester spent the season with the AHL San Antonio Rampage and Chicago Wolves. This time around, Bouwmeester is hoping for a speedy resolution. "My personal thinking and hope is that it can't last that long," Bouwmeester said. "If they lock us out for a full year . . . you can say what you want about them, but they're smart enough businessmen that they don't want to do that. There's absolutely no excuse to not get something done. I'm hoping it resolves itself. It might be a couple months and I think everyone realizes that."

Jay Bouwmeester D STL May 20 '78

According to a team source, the Detroit Red Wings are talking with the Calgary Flames about acquiring defenseman Jay Bouwmeester.

The Wings failed in their attempt to lure Ryan Suter as a free agent and the remaining players on the open market aren't the most attractive names. Bouwmeester has been the subject of trade rumors since the Flames traded for and signed Dennis Wideman to a five-year, $26.25 million deal as it could free up some cap space. The Flyers are also searching for help on the back end, so the Wings may have to act faster than they would like to secure a trade because of the competition.