Jason Spezza C DAL 15 Days

Jason Spezza insisted that his desire to leave the Ottawa Senators didn't stem from a need to escape the spotlight.

Spezza instead said it was about moving to a situation where he would have a better chance to win the Stanley Cup. The Dallas Stars certainly qualify as a team that's in a better position to compete for a championship than Ottawa. While Spezza was clearly the Senators' best forward, he'll be joining a Stars team that already features Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. That will allow them to use Spezza on the second line to provide them with some offensive depth.

Jason Spezza C DAL 16 Days

Jason Spezza sees himself as "just a piece to the puzzle" in Dallas.

That's probably to Spezza's liking after he became the center of attention in Ottawa following Daniel Alfredsson's departure. In Dallas, Spezza might end up serving as the second-line center as Tyler Seguin figures to play alongside Jamie Benn on the top line. The Stars still have some question marks, particularly when it comes to their defense, but their top two lines look very good.

Jason Spezza C DAL 21 Days

Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray insisted that Jason Spezza didn't leave for financial reasons.

"I hear the comments that we don't spend to keep (our players)," Murray said. "Just so you know, I offered Jason (Spezza) an extension and (he) said he wasn't interested. Whether it's because he thought we didn't have enough around him or what . but there are different stories in each case." Murray saying that Spezza didn't leave for financial reasons and then bring up an extension offer misses the point. A player demanding a trade isn't likely to do so because he's unhappy with his contract or as a maneuver to get a new deal. At the same time, if financials were an issue at all, it wouldn't have been Spezza being unhappy with his own pay, it would have been with him feeling that the Senators aren't spending enough to build a competitive team around him. If that was Spezza's feelings, then offering him an extension wouldn't have fixed anything.

Jason Spezza C DAL 21 Days

Jason Spezza cited his relationship with coach Lindy Ruff as one of the reasons he thinks playing in Dallas will work out for him.

Spezza waived his no-trade clause to join the Stars. The former Senators captain has played under Ruff in international tournaments. "I think the young group they have is an envy of a lot of the League, and I think I could fit in with helping out with the depth at center," Spezza added.

Jason Spezza C DAL 22 Days

The Dallas Stars have acquired Jason Spezza and Ludvig Karlsson from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a 2015 second round pick, Alex Guptill, Nicholas Paul, and Alex Chiasson.

The Senators didn't get a great return for Spezza, but their hands were partially tied by the fact that he wanted to move. Spezza is capable of averaging a roughly point-per-game and that isn't likely to change in Dallas. The Stars are loaded with top-end talent now between Spezza, Tyler Seguin, and Jamie Benn.

Jason Spezza C DAL 22 Days

Jason Spezza has reportedly been dealt to the Dallas Stars.

The exact details of the deal aren't known yet, but the Stars are sending prospects the Senators' way. The fact that this move is happening before the UFA market opens means Ottawa will be able to spend the cap space they just freed up. Meanwhile, the Stars' offensive core is looking pretty good as Spezza joins Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

Jason Spezza C DAL 22 Days

Because Ottawa wasn't able to trade Jason Spezza before the start of the unrestricted free agent period, the Senators are going into it in an awkward position.

The Senators don't know exactly how much money they have to work with because there's no guarantee yet if Spezza will be traded. Even if he is, factoring in what the return might be for him into their plans is difficult until a trade is finalized. The sooner the Senators can trade Spezza, the easier the rest of their offseason is likely to be, but they don't want to trade him for less than they feel he's worth.

Jason Spezza C DAL 23 Days

The door may not be completely closed on Jason Spezza and the Nashville Predators.

"Nashville was on Jason's list that we put together a while ago and without the benefit of a crystal ball, I can't say (if that will change)," agent Rick Curran said. "Call me in three or four days and we might have a better answer." The Predators and Senators had something worked out at the draft, but a deal was vetoed by Spezza's camp because Nashville is on the center's no-trade list. St. Louis and Chicago are still in the hunt, along with Dallas, and whichever team misses out on a middleman like Paul Stastny in free agency could go after Spezza once the dust settles on the "frenzy."

Jason Spezza C DAL 24 Days

Jason Spezza, who has asked the Ottawa Senators to trade him but vetoed a deal to the Nashville Predators, is being coveted in trade talks with the St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks, according to TSN.

TSN also said the Blues were in contact with the Senators as recently as Sunday. The network reported that the Blues also are interested in pending free agent Paul Stastny. TSN said the Stars have talked to the Senators about Spezza, as well as to the San Jose Sharks about Joe Thornton. But TSN also said Dallas management was told Thornton has no intention of waiving his no-movement clause to leave San Jose.

Jason Spezza C DAL 25 Days

Senators general manager Bryan Murray knows he might have to alter the package he expects to get back in a Jason Spezza deal.

Murray originally wanted a first-round pick, but no team was willing to give one up during this year's draft. "I think going forward there will be discussion, I believe there will be," Murray said. "[Spezza] is a quality player in the NHL. If we can do something we'll do something, whether it be a pick or, from my point of view I'd like to get a couple of guys to put on the ice. ... So I don't know whether it was because of the draft and on the day of the draft, picks are very valuable, whether that was part of it or it was something different. "Murray is prepared to be patient with a trade.