Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 8 Months

Dennis Seidenberg is hoping that the Boston Bruins only tinker with their lineup in the off-season.

The Bruins lost in the second round of the NHL playoffs last month and since many of the so-called pundits thought they would go to the Cup Final, drastic changes could be made. GM Peter Chiarelli and Bruins President Cam Neely stated that Boston would only tinker with the lineup but a hockey source told that the Bruins will be 'very active' in the trade market. It should be an interesting off-season for the Boston Bruins.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 8 Months

Dennis Seidenberg (knee) expects to be ready for training camp in the fall.

He was hoping to play at some point in the playoffs, but Boston was eliminated in Round 2 by Montreal so he didn't get a chance to see if his knee was game-ready. "We would have had some practices after Round 2, and would have seen how I was doing taking some contact and battling a little harder," said Seidenberg. "There definitely would have been a chance [for a return]. I'm sure for the guys that played [not moving on] was a little bit tougher." He's still not 100 percent, but he is recovering nicely.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 8 Months

Dennis Seidenberg expects to come back strong from his surgically-repaired knee next season.

"I'll be better. I'm confident I'll be just as [good], hopefully better than before," he said. "I mean I feel conditioning wise [the knee] is great. I've been doing lots of cardio over the last few months. Strength-wise it's the same ... pretty good. There's still a little pain, but that's just stuff you can deal with, and once you play you don't think about it." Seidenberg may have been able to play for the Bruins during the Eastern Conference Final had the team advanced past Round 2 of the postseason, so it's expected that he'll be good to go by the time training camp comes around. He's a top-four defender on Boston and the team missed him dearly when he suffered a torn ACL/MCL on Dec. 27.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 9 Months

Coach Claude Julien said that Dennis Seidenberg (knee) could have been an option to play had the Bruins made it to the Eastern Conference Final.

"There was a possibility, yeah," Julien said. "He'd been skating for almost a month and he started taking a little bit of contact, and I think that would have been a discussion that we would have had heading into the next round." Seidenberg had been sidelined since Dec. 27 after undergoing surgery for ACL/MCL tears and the Bruins missed him dearly in the playoffs. Some of the Bruins' young defensemen struggled under the high-pressure situations in the semifinal round against Montreal.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 9 Months

Don't expect Dennis Seidenberg (knee) to return for Game 7 on Wednesday.

Seidenberg underwent surgery in December to repair ACL/MCL tears. He might be able to return during the 2014 playoffs if the Bruins advance past the second round, but he hasn't advanced beyond light contact drills so far.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 9 Months

Dennis Seidenberg (knee) took part in some light contact after Monday's morning skate.

It was the first time he skated with contact since he resumed skating on April 8. Seidenberg has been sidelined since Dec. 27 following surgery to repair ACL/MCL tears in his right knee. He hasn't been ruled out of playing at some point in the playoffs, but the Bruins aren't expecting an imminent return. Still, it is encouraging to see him making some progress.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 9 Months

Dennis Seidenberg (knee) skated with his teammates on Tuesday morning.

"He's just skated with us and doing everything that has no contact," coach Claude Julien said. "It's more to get him out of boredom on his own or with just another player. It gives him the opportunity to make some plays and passes with a little bit of traffic around him too. We thought it was a good time for him that he's strong enough with his skating that he can jump to that level right now." Seidenberg isn't expected to return any time soon, but he hasn't been completely ruled out for the playoffs.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 10 Months

Don't expect veteran defenseman Dennis Seidenberg to be back in the Boston lineup for the Bruins' first-round playoff series against the Detroit Red Wings, or for any of the postseason.

Seidenberg has not played since he suffered and ACL/MCL knee injury on Dec. 27. "We're not counting on Dennis to be back," Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli said. "We're going to be very cautious with this injury. He has been skating and that's pretty much all I can say on it. It really hasn't changed."

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 10 Months

According to a source, Dennis Seidenberg skated for the first time on Tuesday since undergoing knee surgery.

He took to the ice for about 15 minutes. If he's able to return this year then Boston will probably have to advance far into the playoffs. He has been sidelined since Dec. 27 when he suffered a torn ACL and MCL against Ottawa.

Dennis Seidenberg D BOS 11 Months

There is an outside chance that Dennis Seidenberg (knee) will be able to play if the Bruins enjoy a lengthy postseason run.

It's far more likely that Seidenberg will end up returning in 2014-15, but the fact that it's even a possibility is impressive. He was originally projected to miss six-to-eight months after tearing his ACL and MCL in late December.