Mike Ribeiro C NAS 2 Months

Ribeiro scored the game-tying goal in an eventual shootout loss to the Flames on Tuesday.

Ribeiro was the beneficiary of a Craig Smith shot that ricocheted off a pack of players parked in front of the net to an opening at the right post, where the center slapped home the puck. Bought by the Coyotes in the offseason after a falling out with team brass, Ribeiro should be poised for better numbers this season working next to James Neal on the top line.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 3 Months

Ribeiro is a likely candidate to center the Predators' top line this season alongside James Neal, The Tennessean reports.

Ribeiro and Neal were teammates in Dallas for three seasons (2008-2011) prior to the trade that sent Neal to Pittsburgh, so it makes sense for the Preds to try and re-create whatever chemistry may have existed between the two back then. In fact, Ribeiro's two best seasons came during this period (83 points in 2007-08 and 78 points in 2008-09), however don't expect him to put up similar numbers with his new team. We think a 50-point season is within his reach, with upside to 60+ if all goes well.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 5 Months

Mike Ribeiro admitted that he was dealing with marital problems last season that he believes impacted his performance.

Ribeiro said that those issues resulted in him not being committed to his job with the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes inked him to a four-year, $22 million contract last summer, but GM Don Maloney decided to buy him out in June, citing "real behavioral issues" that the team "could not tolerate." Ribeiro is now a member of the Nashville Predators on a one-year, $1.05 million contract. "I had a chance to really focus on myself and really learn about myself," Ribeiro said. "That's why I'm comfortable. What Mr. Maloney said - it shocked some people, my wife wasn't happy about it. I sat down, thought about it. I'm comfortable with myself now. I'm open with what happened or didn't happen with our marriage issues, and really I think I'm comfortable with it and not trying to hide it." If he can put all this behind him, then Ribeiro would be a serious candidate to record 60-70 points in 2014-15.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 5 Months

The Nashville Predators have signed Mike Ribeiro to a one-year, $1.05 million contract.

The fact that Ribeiro will earn just $1.05 million after commanding a four-year, $22 million contract last summer speaks volumes to how severe his fall from grace has been. Ribeiro didn't have a particularly good season, but the Coyotes said they bought him out due to "behavioral issues" rather than performance ones. Perhaps that scared off other suitors, but the Predators needed a center that was worthy of playing alongside James Neal and when he's at his best, Ribeiro certainly qualifies. This could be a big bounce back season for him.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 5 Months

Mike Ribeiro is expected to make a decision regarding his future this week.

Ribeiro agreed to a four-year, $22 million contract with Arizona last summer, but they bought him out after just one season. They cited "real behavioral issues" that the team "could not tolerate" as the reason. While that's concerning, Ribeiro is typically a solid top-six forward and would be a fine addition to most teams.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 6 Months

The Coyotes reportedly bought Mike Ribeiro out due to "real behavioral issues" that the team "could not tolerate."

Interesting. Ribeiro ended up spending just one season with the Coyotes after signing a four-year, $22 million contract. It's worth noting that while the Coyotes are freeing up some cap space, they were not expected to come near the ceiling in the first place.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 6 Months

Mike Ribeiro has been bought out by the Phoenix Coyotes.

Ribeiro only ended up spending a single season with Phoenix after they inked him to a four-year, $22 million contract. During that time, he scored 16 goals and 47 points in 80 games. This is a regular buyout as opposed to a compliance one because Ribeiro wasn't eligible for the latter, but it's moot anyways because the Coyotes aren't expected to come close to the ceiling. This was likely a move to cut costs rather than create space.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 6 Months

The Phoenix Coyotes are reportedly considering buying out Mike Ribeiro.

Or Arizona Coyotes, as the case will be Friday night. Ribeiro comes with a $5.5 million annual cap hit through 2016-17, but the Coyotes aren't expected to come close to the ceiling anyways, so this would be more to save money than free up cap space. He scored 16 goals and 47 points in 80 games in 2013-14.

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 8 Months

Mike Ribeiro's first season with the Phoenix Coyotes left plenty to be desired.

Ribeiro had 16 goals and 47 points in 80 games in 2013-14. That's a steep decline after recording 49 points in 48 contests during the shortened season. "I think it was a lot of things," Ribeiro said. "It's not just about hockey but a lot of things. Never having my groove, never found it. It was just a hard season for me. I think it was one of my worst seasons. But . I don't believe it can get worse. That's a positive. Next year I can come here and have a better season."

Mike Ribeiro C NAS 9 Months

Mike Ribeiro has been unable to score in his last 10 games.

He has also been a healthy scratch of late, as coach Dave Tippett is looking for the right mix as the Coyotes are only one point out of a playoff spot despite losing their last four games in a row. "Really, 'Ribs' has to put the work in. That's the bottom line," Tippett said. "Everybody likes to rely on other players around them, but you gotta put the work in yourself first before you start looking at wingers."