pappy52 Jul 15 '13

I just took over as commish a league that the previous commish let slide. it is a 10 team 6 man keeper league. and I need good owners to take over teams that the previous owners were booted because of non participation. this league has been around since 2007. it is called the BLUEGRASS FOOTBALL LEAGUE. check it out it won't hurt you maybe surprised, pick your team and your own keepers. I would put a link to it but I don't know how. thanks.


pappy52 Jul 29 '13

thanks all teams are now filled.

pappy52 Jul 29 '13

one team left...has 2nd overall pick in draft. draft date 8-16 9pm est

pappy52 Jul 26 '13


pappy52 Jul 24 '13

2 teams left. draft date 8-16 9pm est

pappy52 Jul 24 '13

3 teams left....draft set for 8/16

pappy52 Jul 21 '13

4 teams left