TheDangle 10 Months

Starting a 12 team dynasty league this year.

Pros/Cons of this site?


pappy52 10 Months

if you have to be convinced to use fleaflicker for fantasy football then maybe you should stay where your at. if you try it and like then fine stay. if not move on. fleaflicker doesn't need or have to convince or beg anyone.

Donnie_Loveboat 10 Months

pappy is correct, either try it like everyone else here has had to at one point or leave. asking to be convinced of something comes off as condescending and reflects poorly on your internet morals.

~Donnie LB

TheDangle 10 Months

It's not me... it's my league.. but thanks.. I guess. just asking for opinions. Trying to.. well it doesn't matter, you don't care. Take it easy

Donnie_Loveboat 10 Months

it's not that we, the populace of flea do not care about your inquiry, more of a general principle of sorts. if you want to be convinced of something, you do not need any convincing from common folk such as ourselves because you have already made the decision for yourself. on the other hand, if you do not wish to be convinced there is nothing I, pappy, or anyone else can say for you to change your opinion. either way your mind is already made even if you are unaware that it is, and it is a waste of your time and ours to propose such a cheese and crackers question.

~Donnie LB

Doe1989 10 Months


- good content from rotoviz, rotoworld, etc.

- clean, uncluttered interface

- easy to use, intuitive

- configurable and easily customized

TheDangle 10 Months


michiganct 10 Months

it's opened almost year round for keeper leagues.