DallasFootball Mar 23 '79

needs 1 more owner, 16 teams, 4 divisions, 6 team playoffs, championship week 17. 1 team available, project team needs long term active, and committed owner. this team has 2nd overall pick. draft is linear, email, starts as soon as league is full. if interested post here and i will send an invite.fleaflicker.com


SteelbusNole Mar 24 '79

Tell me more

DallasFootball Mar 24 '79

sorry someone just took it over.

DallasFootball Apr 01 '79

i have another league in which a team just became available, in this one championship week is wk 16, if you're gonna be active, and committed for the long haul i'd love to have ya. heres the link, check it out and if you're interested i'll send an invitation. fleaflicker.com

SteelbusNole Apr 01 '79

I'm in. Sounds like fun

DallasFootball Apr 01 '79

i'll email you the password, glad to have ya