Vladimir316 Mar 05 '79

Are you looking for a simple dynasty league to have some fun?...If so, then please close this thread immediately!

Maybe you are looking for a dynasty league you can spend some time during the week?...If so, then leave this thread immediately!

What if I told you we host a very extended and complex league, does that intimidate you?...If so, then please have a look at the other 99% threads around here!

OK, so you are still here, good! Let's see if you really are a die hard fan.

Do you value your family higher then fantasy hockey?...If so, you are not REALLY a die hard fan, it's ok, don't be too hard on yourself. You just belong to the other 99% of the people around here. Please join them!

WOW! You are REALLY a die hard fan! Maybe you ARE just what we are looking for.

What we offer is THE most extended, intense and sophisticated league around the internet.

Our league is open for business all year round, meaning we also operate during the spring and summer months.

Some key points of our league:

- 12 teams

- Head to Head schedule (Single-Win / Rottisserie)

- Scoring stats (PaT,PaY,RcT,RcY,RuT,RuY,KPt,FF,Int,Sk,TkA,TkS,PD,BS)

- Weekly matchups

- Full size rosters (2xQB,2xRB,4xWR,2xTE,2xK,4xDE,4xDT,6xLB,4xCB,4xS)

- Practice squad (max. 16 players)

- Player contracts including UFA status

- Official salary cap

- UFA-system (Bidding system)

- Annual entry draft (16 rounds)

- Annual GM awards/trophies

- Every GM is a member of our Board of Governors, so you will a vote in our league's future

- Custom made website (you won't find any better custom site then ours, we promise!)

- Fantrax-based league for tracking player stats

The league is abrand new league, so you won’t inherit a roster. If you want to join our very unique league, then reply to this topic and we will send you a link to our applicationform.


thewsk Mar 26 '79

I'm in

Vladimir316 Mar 19 '79

4 spots left!

C1IPP3RK311Y Mar 13 '79

I'd be very interested clips.cam.crew@gmail.com

Vladimir316 Mar 13 '79

Invite sent to your e-mail with our applicationform! :)

Vladimir316 Mar 10 '79

Just 5 spots left for this most real league you will ever see!

Vladimir316 Mar 08 '79

Just 6 spots left for this most real league you will ever see!

DARKSEID Mar 07 '79

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DARKSEID Mar 07 '79

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PhilBarnes93 Mar 06 '79

Really up for this.

Vladimir316 Mar 06 '79

Sent you an invite! :)