Badboy1 Mar 04 '79

I have 3 leagues that we can start the slow email draft as soon as we get them full. All 3 are a little different.


Elementalz II - needs 2 owners

League of Champs or Chumps- needs 2 owners

Elementalz Dynasty- needs 1 owner

All of these leagues are very active and competitive and the teams are pretty good that need new owners


[Deleted User] Mar 04 '79

I'm interested in taking over the open team in Elementalz Dynasty.

Badboy1 Mar 04 '79

all you need to do is take over the team pick your team name and the keepers are your starting line up so no keepers on your bench

Badboy1 Mar 05 '79

Elementalz Dynasty is full both other leagues are still open you can just go and take over your team no password needed

Badboy1 Mar 07 '79

League of Champs or Chumps is full now

Elementalz II still now needs 3 new owners this is 16 team league with 12 keepers you get 7 OFF keepers and 5 DEF keepers and only 2 at any one position so it gives teams to even out every year with the new season. We will start email slow draft a couple of days after the league is filled.

Badboy1 Mar 18 '79

[Elementalz II] only needs one more owner to pick their keepers and we can start the slow draft good league changed it to 17 keepers your starting line up. You might not want to keep all 17 players draft better players its a challenge team but you can make it competitive through the draft this season.