DallasFootball Feb 03 '79

2nd year IDP dynasty league need 1 more owner, will be email, or online draft. soon as all teams are filled. 16 teams, 4 division, 6 teams make playoffs, available team has good WRs including megatron,fleaflicker.com let me know if you are interested, email me at ndcattleco09@yahoo.com or you can post your email here


DallasFootball Feb 05 '79

both leagues are currently full, however i still have a few owners to get in touch with.

DallasFootball Feb 05 '79

a good team has also just become available in this league fleaflicker.com

DallasFootball Feb 04 '79

this team has been claimed. however i still have 3 owners who have not checked in, so more teams may become available soon. so if you're inertested let me know, i'll give those guys until the end of may to check in.

DallasFootball Feb 05 '79

1 team has just become available.