scotto1959 Mar 23 '13

check it out.


scotto1959 Apr 07 '13

still need a few?

scotto1959 Apr 22 '13


scotto1959 Apr 02 '13

still looking, for some dedicated owners. Will be starting the flea e-mail draft shortly after the NFL draft and when flea has added the rookies.

Higgy33 Apr 03 '13

would like to join if possible.


scotto1959 Apr 03 '13

pass word is pudger.

[Deleted User] Mar 24 '13

Would be interested if it was a slow draft.


scotto1959 Mar 24 '13

slow draft starting shortly after the nfl draft.

Hogs24 Mar 24 '13

I would like in

scotto1959 Mar 25 '13

password is pudger

scotto1959 Mar 24 '13

League is going to be 4 divisions and 2 conf. 4 div champs and 1 wild card from ea. conf. to the playoffs. Pro team names to start, followed by a smart remark prefered, or not. LOL. Long term owners only as this is a dynasty league. New owners to flea are always welcome in my leagues.