DallasFootball Dec 27 '78

16 teams, 4 divisions, 6 team playoff, 30 players, 26 keepers, IDP, looking for long term dedicated owner to take over project team, has 2nd overall pick, draft is linear, will be email draft.fleaflicker.com check it out and if interested post email here or if you click my user name you can email through it.


JJJefferies Feb 14 '79

I would be very interested in taking over this team. I prefer larger keeper leagues w/IDP format

DallasFootball Feb 14 '79

both leagues are currently full, however i'm still waiting on a few owners to check in. if they haven't checked in my may 31st i'll be looking to replace them. i'll post on here at that time. and i'll keep you in mind.

DallasFootball Dec 31 '78

team available in this league also, same number of teams, keepers, championship week is week 17 in this one fleaflicker.com