Sidney1965 Dec 06 '78

If you're interested in taking over a team in a dynasty league. Let me know here and I'll send you and invite.


Sidney1965 Apr 19 '79

This league is converting from a redraft to a dynasty league. If interested, grab a team, any team. It doesn't matter as we will redraft this year and be a dynasty starting in 2014. Email style draft will begin as soon as the league fills up.

Sidney1965 Apr 13 '79

Converting this league into a new dynasty league. Redrafting this year and dynasty next year. First come first serve, good active and reliable owners wanted. Grab a team while it's still available.

Mr_Destructo Apr 16 '79

how are you guys drafting? Is it a slow email draft?

Sidney1965 Apr 16 '79

Is it will be... And hopefully it'll go quick and not at a snail slow pace...

Sidney1965 Mar 16 '79

Waiting to draft -

Already drafted -

[Deleted User] Mar 17 '79

Would like an invite to the leaque that has already drafted - Soldiers of the Gridiron. Thanks.

Sidney1965 Mar 18 '79

Just take it, no invite needed...

Sidney1965 Mar 16 '79

1 good team available. The league has already drafted.

Sidney1965 Feb 14 '79

Two teams available...