Jrodicus Sep 15 '78

League settings:(firm but open for discussion)

12 team, 13 week regular season, 4 divisions - play division rivals twice and all others once (no double-header weeks)

PPR, start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 rb/wr/te - no d/st or k

6 team playoff lasting 3 weeks

15 bench spots with 2 IR

Can trade draft picks 1 year in advance.

Snake draft for start-up after 2013 NFL draft.

Following years - trim roster to 18 guys by August 1st. 7 round rookie/FA draft mid-August, trim rosters to 23 (+IR) by Sept. 1st.

Probably use flea flicker or ESPN (open to other sites, but not a fan of MFL). Payment via PayPal or LeagueSafe (open to other options).


My fantasy football experience has been pretty similar to my poker-playing experience; it's more competitive and taken seriously when you play for money!

$40 buy-in

Weekly winners: (13 weeks, $130 in payouts)

$5 for most points scored

$3 for 2nd most points scored

$2 for 3rd most points scored

Regular season winners: ($110 in payouts)

$15 - division winners

$10 - most points in a loss (single game)*

$10 - narrowest margin of defeat (single game)*

$10 - most points against (all season)

$10 - most points for (all season)

$10 - largest margin of victory (single game)*

*both teams' starting line-ups must be full - i.e. can't start somebody on bye (game time decisions don't count). Basically, no tanking to try and win this side pot! Commish/league discretion

Also, the team who finishes in last place in the standings forfeits the right to pick their team name and logo the following season.

Playoff winners: ($240 in payouts)

1st - 120

2nd - 80

3rd - 40

4th - consolation prize - you get to pick the team name and logo for the regular season last-place finisher the following season

As you can see, there are a lot of chances to win. I've used similar payouts in other leagues, and it has helped keep things interesting down to the wire.

Reply or message me if you are interested. Thanks,



scotto1959 Jan 08 '79

post a link?

McCowell Dec 23 '78

I might be interested. What are the scoring settings?