manDINGmo Nov 20 '12

I can take any team and take them to the top!


FantasyGuru1965 Jul 09 '13

This league is converting from a redraft to a dynasty league. If interested, grab a team, any team. It doesn't matter as we will redraft this year and be a dynasty starting in 2014. Email style draft will begin as soon as the league fills up.

DunkinDemon Jul 11 '13

Will the majority of players drafted this year be available to keep for next or is there going to be a limit? Do you plan to increase the roster numbers when the league becomes a dynasty? Thanks

FantasyGuru1965 Jul 11 '13

Roster is set to 20 and you can keep up to all of them. You'll only have draft picks if you don't keep someone. Drop 2 draft two etc...

DallasFootball Nov 27 '12

i just had an owner drop out of my dynasty league if you're interested. 16 team, 4 divisions, 6 teams make the playoffs, 30 man roster, IDP, 26 keepers, i'm looking for long term committed owners. team currently sits, after this week at 2-10, has some good players to build on.

DallasFootball Nov 27 '12

correction, team stands at 3-9, likely looking at first overall pick next year.

Guru69 Nov 20 '12

are u interested in yahoo-if so reply to my post serious mature only-i have a serious challenging league that needs a top notch owner-it is very deep just to let you know-20 tm w 20 roster spots-12 starters

Keith_Hughes Jul 11 '13

whats details?