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NCGiantsFan Oct 03 '12

This is a 20-team league w/4 keepers. It's actually been around since 2005, but in its current format since 2007. It has very little turnover, but I've had to remove an inactive owner. It is a project, as you will need to trade for a QB.

You have Murray, Spiller, Torrey Smith, Wayne, Floyd, Gresham, so you have some pieces to work with.


NCGiantsFan Nov 03 '12

Had another dropout-this team has BenRo and Cutler at QB(great to have in a 20-teamer), CJ2K, Gonzo, James Jones.


scotto1959 Dec 28 '12

i would like to try a 20 team league?

NCGiantsFan Dec 28 '12


Right now the league is full, but I'll keep you in mind if something opens up.