FantasyGuru1965 Jul 21 '13 one team available...

FantasyGuru1965 Jul 09 '13

This league is converting from a redraft to a dynasty league. If interested, grab a team, any team. It doesn't matter as we will redraft this year and be a dynasty starting in 2014. Email style draft will begin as soon as the league fills up.

FantasyGuru1965 Sep 06 '12

Need an owner here ASAP!

FantasyGuru1965 Sep 05 '12

Need a good owner here ASAP!

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 30 '12

Need an owner here ASAP!

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 28 '12

Need one for this league also. Thanks to the owner that took over the other one. :)

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 29 '12 need 1 here... :)