bigpeeler Mar 20 '75

Requirements: Balls and character.

This is a veteran league that going into it's 3rd season. We are looking for players that tend to their teams and play balls-out no matter if you are in 1st place or last.

Kickoff is coming and I'm getting ready to tweak the league rules a bit to make things a bit more interesting. If you're serious, hop on board. We'll have a fun season and the first round of drinks is on me.

Fantasy League name - Dr. James Andrews (I'm still debating whether to keep this name or not.)


bigpeeler Mar 21 '75

I've sent the password to you guys. Hope you can come on board.

PoundDaRock Mar 21 '75

whats going on here i asked for a team and was the 1st to respond yet someone else grabbed the team i asked 4?

PoundDaRock Mar 21 '75

I dont know how u do business here but it seems kinda shady.....just that if i were running a league and someone was to 1st to ask for a abandoned team id make sure they got im not so sure i wanna join after all

h2oski Mar 21 '75

Sorry, but I e-mailed bigpeeler early this morning and was actually one of the first to reply to him (roughly 22 minutes after he posted). Just because owners don't reply HERE does not mean that there aren't replies and/or takers.

scotto1959 Mar 21 '75

Sure and I get nothing, nothing , nothing again, I ask for faith and hope and trust and I get nothing, nothing ,nothing. Perhaps the coming of SAVIOR III will give me the courage to play fantasy again????

PoundDaRock Mar 21 '75

my bad h2o i kinda jumped to the conclusion that he was shady without giving him a chance to explain himself when i asked "whats going on here" in my 1st message....hope there no hard feelings over that

bigpeeler Mar 22 '75

I am shady. I cheat when I can plus I manipulate every league that I control so that I go undefeated AND win the championship. It's how I roll, Bro. Right now I'm humping your ol' lady.

(I'll check for an opening and e-mail you.)

playerpiano Mar 20 '75

That used to be my league. Whoever takes over If I Had a Hi Fi need not thank me for it.

PoundDaRock Mar 21 '75

Ill admit that was awesome team u built nice job.....but just curious why did u choose to abadone the league....1 other thing....u mentioned it was your league does that mean u were commish?

playerpiano Mar 21 '75

Yeah, I was commish. The league had become inactive and I don't typically stick around and wait. Besides, it's a small league, that's why the rosters were so stacked. I like bigger leagues where not all your players are on a must start basis week to week and there is a bit of strategy involved.

tailgater69 Mar 20 '75

I would be interested in your league, lots of free time retired. playing for about three years espn and yahoo, public and private. my email rayhovey@ymail.

PoundDaRock Mar 20 '75

I have checked out the league rules, scoring etc and i would like to take obver If only i jad a hi fi team. It says i need a password could u send me a invite. I am a very qactive owner, if u have any ?s jus temail mer @ Thanks