Sidney1965 Mar 13 '75

New 2009 keeper IDP league now accepting new owner's. No password necessary. Check out the league and feel free to grab a team while they last. Active, knowledgeable and mature owner's preferred...


Sidney1965 Apr 19 '79

This league is converting from a redraft to a dynasty league. If interested, grab a team, any team. It doesn't matter as we will redraft this year and be a dynasty starting in 2014. Email style draft will begin as soon as the league fills up.

Sidney1965 Mar 16 '79

Need 1 new owner here. Switching from a keeper to Dynasty. Draft starts once filled.

Sidney1965 Feb 14 '79

Need two active owners in this dynasty league...

Sidney1965 Dec 08 '78

This league has one opening. It's a great team and we're voting whether or not to switch to a dynasty league.

Sidney1965 Jun 12 '75

Newly created keeper league for the 3009 season... come grab a team while they're available.

playerpiano Jun 12 '75

3009 already? Time flies.

Sidney1965 Jun 01 '75

Freshly abandoned team needs a new owner. The league hasn't drafted yet. Grab it while it's available.

Sidney1965 May 28 '75

This league is in need of a couple new replacement owners... good keepers to chose from and the league hasn't drafted yet. Check out the teams and grab one while they are available....